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    HELP How to Join Windows 2k3 domain?

    who knows? thanks
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    some magazines PDF free download
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    Help me Please. I need ur help

    I am editor . Work in China. We just want to design a book . to tech chinese child how to learn english. I need some photo about childrens' book in US. Who can help me ? thanks My ichat
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    How can i Change ICON of Dashboard in Dock?

    Who have any idea? thanks
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    Problems Fonts view in Office 2004

    How can i fix it. thanks more and more
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    NEEDHELP About Quicktime and java thanks

    My system is 10.3 I have installed xCode and QuicktimeSDK and I have QuickTimeAPI I want to use some functions in QuicktimeAPI to DO some change in mov files. I mean , export a track from mov file and import to another mov file. I know little about C ( but i can learn it fast) I...
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    How to change text color in terminal?

    I can set the background and text color , but i find that the color of folder and nomarl text are same. i want to know how to set folder a different color. in linux i can use dircolor to set , but anyone know how to set in macosx ? Many thanks
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    How can i see photo in gallery?

    SYSTEM not let in
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    Anyone wants Learn Chinese? Please comein

    i am a chinese girl, also a macfans&like tour,i want someone colud chat with me about mac&tour,i can teach u chinese,and you teach me english,please add or
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    How to use ROOT login system?

    I try to turn on the PHP in apache,but can not . so thank u for helping how to login in by root .
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    saft make safari QUIT after update to 10.4.2

    what can i do? thanks a lot save my safari
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    Some WWDC photos By macusers@china

    This is the URL I dont know how upload the pics. so thanku for visiting. next time i will learn.