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    Setting DB

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    About PNG file

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    cool imac but....

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    Please don't call it a Macintosh

    So price of Mac will be decreased?
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    PHP coding help

    podmate, Thank you very much for your help. I will try your suggestion. Thanks again.
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    PHP coding help

    Sorry for late reply. I was talking about outputing HTML table. I am not a PHP expert. I am learning now :) if ( col == 3) { echo '</tr><tr>'; } Acturally, I don't know where to begin. i =< 3 then create another row, </tr></tr>. Create another row after 3 col. have...
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    PHP coding help

    Hi everyone, I have a question for PHP. I am not a expert in PHP but I know how to output data from database :) Is there anyway to write php code that recognize how many columns in table? Let say, I want to make table that has 3 columns in a row. if there are 3 columns then create...
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    Post method?

    Hi all, I am having problem with the post method. Is there a way to turn post method on under apache? I will be really appreciated.
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    BestBuy + Mac?

    when did the BestBuy start sell powermac? Product description from the BstBuy And soldout :D
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    New security Update

    After I installed new security Update, Safari is having problem with drop menus. Hmm... it seems like apple went back to old java script engine. Very strange..
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    Apple just doesn't get it.

    It's very good to be true. We alll know that G4 wasn't as good as they said or fast. But with G5 and 10.3, they got my money. I just can't wait until August. I still hope that they will release 2 button with scroll wheel that works as third button :) Is that too much to ask? I happy...
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    Germans opened boxes

    I can't wait until they release new powermac. OMG, wireless 2 button mouse will be welcome feature. I have to buy 3 button mouse anyway in order to work with 3D software. That's small price for what I will get from new powermac. I have 3 yrs old mac. When it came, it has 9.x and I...
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    How come nobody mentioned this? ColdFusion on OSX?

    Yes it has been posted here before but it's gone somehow...
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    First post with Safari on!

    I am using the Safari now. And I am having problem with, it gives me a javascript error. Has anybody had same problem? So far so good with the Safari. This is first app. than I like with metal looking interface :)
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    Director MX trial version

    Hi all, I just tried trial version of Director for 30 min. And I am very disappointed because of speed. IT IS slow.... I just update to 10.2.3. Still IT IS slow. However, any other program got speed boost somehow :) I don't know if it is slow because it's trial version. I think...
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    New PowerMac Enclosure?

    That is fake picture that I saw at
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    Q. Graphic Card

    Hi all, I have a question for everybody. Will a good graphic card boost Mac OS X preformance? I feel like my mac is slowing down because of graphic card. I can see that when I work on the photoshop with large size of file. Has anybody see difference after replace old one with new...
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    Director MX is coming next month

    Hi all, I am just wanna let you guys know that Director MX is coming next month. Fllow here News from Finally, I can pick this up next month..