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    Setting DB

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    About PNG file

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    cool imac but....

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    PHP coding help

    Hi everyone, I have a question for PHP. I am not a expert in PHP but I know how to output data from database :) Is there anyway to write php code that recognize how many columns in table? Let say, I want to make table that has 3 columns in a row. if there are 3 columns then create...
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    Post method?

    Hi all, I am having problem with the post method. Is there a way to turn post method on under apache? I will be really appreciated.
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    BestBuy + Mac?

    when did the BestBuy start sell powermac? Product description from the BstBuy And soldout :D
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    Director MX trial version

    Hi all, I just tried trial version of Director for 30 min. And I am very disappointed because of speed. IT IS slow.... I just update to 10.2.3. Still IT IS slow. However, any other program got speed boost somehow :) I don't know if it is slow because it's trial version. I think...
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    Q. Graphic Card

    Hi all, I have a question for everybody. Will a good graphic card boost Mac OS X preformance? I feel like my mac is slowing down because of graphic card. I can see that when I work on the photoshop with large size of file. Has anybody see difference after replace old one with new...
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    Director MX is coming next month

    Hi all, I am just wanna let you guys know that Director MX is coming next month. Fllow here News from Finally, I can pick this up next month..
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    Why Choose Mac

    Hi all, I just want to hear from you guys that why did you choose Mac over PC. Eventhough, PC has 95% of market. My reasons are 1) Reliability. 2) OS : I have been using Mac since OS 6 period. 3) Design. What's your reason?
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    Usability btw Aqua and Luna(?) So XP is more user friendly than Auqa? What's your thought?
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    About TabletPC

    Hi all, I saw TabletPC stuff. What's the difference btw the TabletPC and Newton? And why apple didn't push the Newton technology? I think that M$ will act like they are first company who developed a technology. I know that Newton technology wasn't developed by apple entirely: I...
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    Hi all, Has anybody heard or seen iReview page before on Apple website? When I tried to go to discuss page, this is what I get with server maintenances message. See top menus, one of menu says iReview. What is this?
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    I need help, please

    Hi all, Please help me to solve this problem. After I updated Disc Support from Apple, I couldn't burn CD with my EzQuest burner. I always got "Target Error". I think I might found the problem but I don't know how to solve it. Here is my system profile picture with description...
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    For all web deisgner and developer.

    Hi all, I am sure every web designer and developer know how good coldfusion is. However, it is bitter reality that Macromedia will not release Coldfusion server for OS X anytime soon. Don't get so depress. Finally, solution has been come out.. I was waiting for this for long time...
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    Have a question for 10.2

    Hi all, I have one question for person who has 10.2. How's Java doing on 10.2? faster than 10.1.5? Is there any improvment? Thanks in advanced.
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    Saving Music from iTune

    Hi all, I have a question for everybody :) IS there anyway I can save music from Radio in iTune? I can't think of anyway to save music from Radio. Thanks in advanced.
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    Please help

    Hi all, I need help for my Mac.. Every time I start my Mac it crashes (panic) when progress bar hit "Start Directory Service". At least I have to restart twice to pass "Start Directory Service" point. Is there any way I can check if there is any corrupted file under "Start Directory...