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    firewire video camera/webcam?

    Why is tehre no new drivers for web cams under OS X?
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    10.1 for download

    If someone waits until after 10.1 is released commerically to purchase it, it will cost the same $129 as we all paid for 10.0. But because we "early adpoters" paid $129 for 10.0 we get to pay an additional $20 for shipping and handling ( at that price is being hand delivered by someone in a...
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    Bootable CD

    how do i make a bootable cd using the beta version of Toast T ?
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    Titanium with Super Drive DVD-RW?

    Has anyone heard that the Super drive wil be added soon?
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    Software Update 1.3.1 is gone!

    I installed OS X 10.0.1 afterinstalling Software Update 1.3.1.... NOW Software Update 1.3.1 is no where to be found..... HELP!!!!!!!!!
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    Start-Up Disk Disappears

    Every 3-4 days when starting my iMac the gray screen comes up with the x in the middle of the disk. I re-install OS X and everything is fine..... ANYONE want to take a guess as to what is going on?
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    Hardware opinions wanted

    Ok I am about to make the leap...i am currently running a iMacSE graphite and have decided to move up...I ask myself..... Do I wait for the next generation iMacs (flat screen or whatever they may appear as)??? Do I go cube with15" flat panel display? Do I go for the new G4 Titanium...
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    Bootable CD

    locking it came up with the same results for me....
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    OS X 1.0 & software

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    Bootable CD

    Ihad the same problem and neve did get a reply as to how to fix it... anyone????
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    Install problems, a little help could go long way

    i have downloaded the toast image for the most recent build of os x. when I go to burn the disk.....Ifollow the posted directions..... when I click the box to make the disk bootable I get an error message saying that there is no OS on the disk and it will not be bootable..... what...
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    A little help...please

    I have the image of OS X (recent build) burned on a cd when i double click it , it does not launch , it just opens Toats..what am I doing wrong??????
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    Mac OS X 4k73!!!!!

    ok i know i am new at this but I have can't find the sites, i have downloded the client but I am frustrated at this point......
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    Mac OS X 4k73!!!!!

    Where can I get a copy of this gem? nothing works since installing the orginal public beta
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    build 4K73 review

    whee do i get this latest gem?
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    build 4K73 review

    whee do i get this latest gem?