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    G4 500 for sale!

    If interested: Check out my listing for a nice G4/500 with 17" monitor... Comes with OSX beta and OS 9.1... I have the $30 dollar off coupon for Final OSX, I hope it is...
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    What are steps to make Internet work with OSX?

    Thanks! I will check that out. -Eric
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    What are steps to make Internet work with OSX?

    I've posted twice with no results in other areas on this board. Can someone tell me how to setup OSX to use the Internal Mac 56K modem to dial-up? I am so frustrated at OSX... There doesn't appear to be anything that works in it. I know it is a beta, but if nothing works, how can we test it...
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    How to make internal modem work

    I've noticed my last post about "Internal modem with AGP" as been viewed several times but not responded to, so maybe my question needs to be restated differently... On a single G4 (no network), how do I setup dial up access? OSX just breezes past my modem and will not dial. Thanks, Eric
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    G4 AGP Internal Modem will not dial

    Just installed OSX on secondary harddrive. Tried to connect to Internet using my internal modem, but it quickly rolls through all number choices and informs me the modem is busy and to restart and try again. This, of course, doesn't help. How can I get to the "dial up" editor or whatever OSX...
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    Apparently it is not working (yet). When I select SLEEP from the menu, nothing happens. When I let the system "time-out" according to my customized power saving settings, only the monitor sleeps. -Eric