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    lookupd starting/exiting every few minutes

    Is the following a typical and normal system event: <date-time stamp> localhost mach_init[2]: Server 242f in bootstrap d03 uid 0: "/us r/sbin/lookupd": exited as a result of signal 1 [pid 504] I see this every few minutes in the system.log. Is it to be expected and is the frequency...
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    Iphoto, Itunes Sharing Has Stopped Working

    I have a PowerMac running iPhoto as a server (sharing) through a wireless router/firewall that I opened to port 8770. Then I have a wireless laptop running iPhoto as a client. I was able to see the shared photos in the Source pane of iPhoto running on the laptop usually a few seconds after...
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    Twain Error Connecting to Scanner

    I have an Epson Stylus Photo RX500 (an "all-in-one") connected by USB to a Mac G4 running Mac OS 10.3.9. It has been working for many months. Now, when I try to connect to the scanner, I get an error from the Epson application that it "Cannot open TWAIN." The maddening part is, I can see the...