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    Fm 2009

    Anyone know if Football Manager 2009 will run ok with the 3d match engine enabled, on the new macbooks? I'm after a new laptop and the high end macbook is all I really need spec wise but I'm also addicted to the FM series so I'd just like to make sure it will run ok before I shell out the...
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    Keeping track of texts/ minutes used

    With the contract I got my phone on it includes 500 texts and 600 minutes talktime per month, I just wondered if there was a way to keep track of the amount of text messages and call minutes I've used? Cheers for any help.
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    Does anyone know if there's a published list of upcoming apps anywhere? I'm looking forward to seeing what other games may be coming to the iPhone after big releases like Star Wars and Spore.
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    Bluetooth limitations

    Is it true that iPhones bluetooth can only be used (currently) with headsets? I recently tried to recieve a file via Bluetooth to no avail and on looking it up on google I found an article that says that this is the case. IF it's true then does anyone know why Apple have done this and wether or...
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    SNES emulator

    Anyone know if there's an Gameboy advance or DS emulator for the iPhone? Sorry about the misleading title, I was originally going to ask about SNES emulators aswell :D
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    iTunes vouchers

    Simple question for anyone that might know, can you use iTunes vouchers to purchase from the app and/ or film stores or are they music only? Cheers
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    Syncing 'Music'

    Finally decided to buy myself an iPhone and to be honest I'm very impressed. :D One question I have is, I have music that I bought prior to using iTunes in the folder named 'Music', does anyone know how I add this to my iPhone? From what I can see it only gives me the option to add from...
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    Video recording

    Does anyone know if the lack of video recording on the iphone is down to the software OR hardware? What I mean is could this be fixed purely with a software update or would additional hardware be required?
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    Joining .flv files

    Happy new years everyone! Just wondered if anyone knows of an app that will let me take 3 flv files and join them together into just the one larger flv? Cheers
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    EA Games

    Anyone know when they're being released in the UK? I'm talking about the newly released Mac versions of Battlefield 2142, C+C, Harry potter etc. To be honest I'm a bit p*ssed off that, once again we (European Apple customers) have to wait, iPhone, movies/ TV programmes in the iTunes store etc. :mad:
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    UT2k4 crashing on install

    I'm trying to install UT2k4 on my Macbook but it's crashing as soon as I've typed in the serial number! I've tried downloading the intel patch but when I run it I need to type in the UT2k4 folder destination, which I can't because I haven't installed it yet. Any ideas?
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    EA Games

    Only just read this! Apparently announced at this years WWDC that EA are bringing some of their biggest titles to Mac! Sorry about the flurry of exclamation marks :D but these games include one of my favourites, Battlefield. The list includes Need For Speed Carbon, Harry Potter and the Order of...
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    Mobile phone as dial up modem

    Few questions as I have never done this before. I have a Nokia N95, which is a 3G phone. If I'm using this as a dial up modem with my Mac will I get 3G download speeds whilst browsing the internet? Second and most important of all, how. How do I go about using my phone as a dial up modem...
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    Available to download, along with a Safari 3 update.
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    Easiest way to connect to television

    I'm after the easiest way I can link my Macbook to my TV so that I can use it to play dvds (if that's possible). The Macbook spec is as below and the TV has the usual connections (video, audio right speaker, audio left speaker, scart). Cheers for any help you can offer.
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    iTunes not responding

    Having a few problems with iTunes (latest version)! After waking my computer from sleep mode I've found iTunes to be 'not responding', I force quit using activity monitor but the iTunes icon in my dock still shows it as open and as such won't let me reopen it until I've restarted the computer...
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    Password protect archived files

    Anyone know if there's a way to password protect archived files? or would I have to use some 3rd party app. I archived the file via the Finder menu, select app> file> create archive of ...
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    As seen as this forum offers 'discussion' aswell as technical help with games I thought I'd ask for a bit of advice. I'm after a new game (mac), something I can just pick up and play whenever I'm bored, not too time consuming, maybe a FPS. I've had a browse around the Apple store gaming...
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    Fm 2007

    For the past week or so Football Manager has been unexpectedly quitting once every so often. Yesterday I opened it up like usual (I'm addicted :D) and for some reason as soon as I hit the continue button to progress through the game it quits every time. I've sent the report to Apple but...
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