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  1. LovesMacs

    Time incorrect on posts

    The more the Macs the better? <evil grin>
  2. LovesMacs

    Time incorrect on posts

    Thanks for the reply. Yes, I have my Control Panel time zone set correctly. It's probably just a bug that will work itself out. Carolyn :-)
  3. LovesMacs

    Time incorrect on posts

    I hope I'm doing this correctly. I've noticed for a week or so that when users post and create a ticket, it indicates the time posted, but when I Respond to a question, the time is completely off. I just responded to ticket #333055, a Windows based query, it shows 4:04PM. That could be...
  4. LovesMacs

    Belkin Recorder for iPod

    Has anyone here used the iPod recorder by Belkin? I'd appreciate any feedback. Thanks! Carolyn :-)
  5. LovesMacs

    Recent Bluetooth Firmware Update

    PowerbookG4/10.4.3/1GB/ 768 mb of RAM: I just downloaded the most recent Bluetooth Firmware Udpate, followed the instructions to a tee. At least I tried. The installer indicates that it takes about 15 minutes to install... cool I did that. The blue and white rotating status bar stops after...
  6. LovesMacs & tiger 10.4.3

    Scott, I got your e-mail to try again... When I click Refresh Listing or Online View I'm not getting the AppleScript dialog box anymore but nothing happens at all now... we'll get this! LOL
  7. LovesMacs & tiger 10.4.3

    Ditto for me... Mine says: AppleScript Error ... The variable remoteData is not defined. (.2753) ... This will all shake out! LOL
  8. LovesMacs

    Safari - History Recovery

    Hi B :-) To "recover" a Cleared History Trail... I'm not sure about how to do that, but you might find some useful information here: Choosing which websites users can view If you have an administrative account on a computer, you can control which websites users can view in Safari. Users...
  9. LovesMacs

    Trashed system fonts by accident, doh!

    Hello, I am assuming you are using a friends computer to access the internet. I wish I knew magic for you. Something I thought of as I read and re-read your post. If you can access Terminal and the LAST thing you did was to move the Font file to the Trash, is using Terminal to UNDO that...
  10. LovesMacs

    iPod & Mac Advertising

    <But those ads you're talking about don't really show the device, either, right?> Some do, some don't, but this being Apple country, the ads speak for themselves :-) Some show the black silhouette with a white iPod. All the ads show an iPod with the ear buds and cable with the remote...
  11. LovesMacs

    iPod & Mac Advertising

    Scott! If it makes you feel any better, everytime I go across the Bay Bridge to San Francisco there are iPod billboards on every corner! And on the freeways, they are strategically set up. Drive up I-80 northbound in the east bay towards Emeryville, and there's an iPod billboard silhouette...
  12. LovesMacs

    All My User Preferences Just Disappeared! HELP!!

    Sounds like your preferences all the way around need a little help. Since it's not just your iTunes/Dock etc, go to this file: It's in the: MacintoshHD>Users>Library>Preference folder. Drag that file to the Trash, empty the Trash, reboot your PBook and see if...
  13. LovesMacs

    Steve Jobs possibly running for Governor of California???

    I reside in the great state of California, and would dearly love to see the "action figure" usurped from office. If Steve Jobs could do for California what he's done for Apple Computer, this state would be in a much better situation economically. Just my two cents :-) Carolyn :-)
  14. LovesMacs

    Service packs..are they free?

    To everyone who responded to "Service Packs, are they free"?... thank you all for the education. I started on an iMac 233, went over to Windows and back to Mac and upgraded to a PBookG4/Tiger. After reading everything, I'm so glad I'm back to the Mac! Thanks! Carolyn :-)
  15. LovesMacs

    iDVD 5.0.1 keep crashes - never burn a project!

    <Completely unistall iDVD (removing all files of it - .app, .plist, themes, etc) Reinstalling it from original Tiger DVD Fixing/Verifying permissions with disk uytility Maintenance with Onyx and MacJanitor (great apps btw)> I'm really confused. I am positive you cannot reinstall iDVD from...
  16. LovesMacs

    Finder keeps freezing up in 10.4.2

    Hi Joshiieee, First suggestion is to Trash the following file: In order to do that take this path: MacintoshHD>Users>Library>Preferences> Drag that file to the Trash, empty the Trash and try a new Finder window. See if it is stable. If not...
  17. LovesMacs

    Spinning rainbow Ball

    One suggestion regarding: <<Any other ideas why the spinning ball would occur when you click on ANYTHING and then freeze the Finder even without any applications running>> Have you tried dragging the "" to the Trash, emptying the Trash, then open a new Finder window...
  18. LovesMacs

    iDVD 5.0.1 keep crashes - never burn a project!

    Hello! In your iDVD project, are you by chance using files from CD's or DVD's? If so, they need to be in the drive in order to either Burn or Save As a project. Also, Trashing the dvd.plist file won't UNinstall iDVD. You would have to reinstall iDVD from the installation CD or DVD that came...
  19. LovesMacs

    That pesky Help Viewer problem

    Ta da! I solved the Help Viewer dilemma. Anyone still have problems with their MacOS X Help Viewer head on over to In the Search box at the top of the page type in Onyx It's a freeware that will solve your problem and take good care of your Mac :-) After you...
  20. LovesMacs

    That pesky Help Viewer problem

    Ack! I have the same problem with the Help Viewer. (After installing Tiger) When I try to access my Mac OS X Help Library from the menu, it will launch. But when the I try to click on a link, nothing happens. Nada! The link on the left of the divider to, of course launches...