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  1. JetwingX word association!

    Bono from U2
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    Apple Refurbished?

    Well, here's a bad story for ya: about 3 or 4 years ago i bought an iBook G3 that was refurbished. Worked great for 6-7 months, then the logic board died and the CD Tray broke (but CD trays are a bad idea anyways) so i got that fixed under my warranty. Then another 7 months later, my hard drive...
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    Advice on DVD camcorders

    wow... did you read any of the comments? basically everyone is advising you to go with a mini-DV cam
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    Advice on DVD camcorders

    Advice is, don't get one. you are stuck with a pre-compressed DVD that you really can't do much with. not to mention a lot of them use mini-DVDs which Apple STRONGLY advises you not use in slot-loading drives (which is everything except G3 iBooks, eMacs, and most powermacs.
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    Where is/what is the Cuss Thread?

    ever notice how there really isn't that much cussing around here?
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    Dead Man's Chest: Spoilers

    This is the first movie i have seen in theaters for a long time that has had a theater wide reaction to something (examples: the water wheel bit - laugh, and the tribal dude popping out of the tree - whole theater jumped in unison) over all great movie
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    The new MacBook

    If you have a second monitor connected to the Mini-DVI port, That toggles between Mirrored screen and Duel Screen. it's really handy for doing presentations
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    Fav "old" apple computers

    i always had a dream of spring loading the CD-Rom drive so that it would be a game to catch CD's as they fell from you ceiling
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    When you get to lvls that have a lot of stuff going on (thunder storms and such) it will kill your machine. but give the demo a try
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    Pixar's next film: Ratatouille

    and for those of you who can't figure out how to say it, The name is Rat*a*too*ee
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    Super Mario "Live"

    seen the live before. but i must say, that makes me want to play SMB (even though the guy showing it off speed through it :'( )
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    Am I too old to be hired by an Apple Store?

    And just to clear up the inaccuracy from Iolaire. There is plenty of room to advance. if i could, i would tell you how much. but just believe me. there is plenty of room and it's encouraged.
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    Am I too old to be hired by an Apple Store?

    Well, i know at my store Age and former sales training is not important. The biggest thing is that you are personable. Able to make a connection with a customer. I was hired after only working as a busboy for a small café. And i know at the SF flagship, the average age is about 32. My advice...
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    What's YOUR age?

    congratulations ksv. i turn 19 on Friday ^_^ yay for May Birthdays
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    Does apple do work experience

    Sorry to hit you with the bad news, but you have to be 18 or over in order to work anywhere in Apple. One of the biggest reasons behind it is that you have to be legally bound to a Non-Disclosure Agreement so that you don't leak anything they may tell you or comment or rumors (and that kind of...
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    What is your faveouroute printer company?

    For all you Epson lovers, great! glad you love'um but i have had two stinkers. My first printer was one from Apple. that little thing ROCKED. it would automatically turn it self on and off after it finished printing (if only USB printers would do that today) Then i got a really big bulky...
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    Anybody know if matrix online is coming to mac??

    not likely to ever happen. it has lost all it's momentum on the PC side. and to tell you the truth it gets repetitive after a few hours
  18. JetwingX word association!

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    01:02:03 - 04/05/06

    kial fari vi senti la bezoni al konduki up malnova fadeno? (Esperanto) (why do you feel the need to bring up old threads?)