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  1. sinclair_tm

    G4 iBook fan only coming on.

    I have a G4 iBook, 1Ghz, 1.25gig RAM with Airport. I normally just sleep the thing, and when I went to wake it, I got the login window, then I started trying in my password. Half way through it seemed to lock up. I had to yank the battery to turn it off. I put the battery back in and try to...
  2. sinclair_tm

    Migrating iTunes from Windows to Mac

    This is a tuff one. Right now, do you have iTunes copy everything to that folder when you add things to your library, and have iTunes keep it organised for you? If that is the case, then this will be easy.
  3. sinclair_tm

    Changing wireless speed on MBP

    Macbook Pro running Tiger. After latest AirPort update it no longer connects to a Netgear Wireless-b router. Is there a way to force the MBP to run at wireless-b speeds instead of autodetecting?
  4. sinclair_tm

    Challenge! Feelin' Lucky, PUNK?

    then you had the cable upsidedown. i know that some notebook cables are not keyed to prevent you from inserting the cable upsidedown.
  5. sinclair_tm

    Challenge! Feelin' Lucky, PUNK?

    i'm guessing that there was some jumper not set right, or the ibook can't see a drive that large.
  6. sinclair_tm


    i use neooffice 2, and its rather nice looking, and works well. i also love appleworks, and made use of it until this semester. i figured that it was time to move on with leopard coming.
  7. sinclair_tm

    edit system spell checker

    oh, i see now. i forgot about that spelling box. i got so used to just using the contextual menu itself. thanks.
  8. sinclair_tm

    edit system spell checker

    i know which folder you ment, and it wasn't there. are you sure its not a folder from a different spelling app installed? and there is no forget button or selection either. again, this is 10.4.11's system wide spell checker, not some app.
  9. sinclair_tm

    edit system spell checker

    i have no such folder. any other places or files to look for?
  10. sinclair_tm

    edit system spell checker

    ok, i'm a really bad speller, so when apple added spell checking to the os, i thought it was a godsend. well, i just got my 1st laptop, an used ibook g4. i love it, but the keyboard is smaller than i'm used to, so my spelling is even worse. and on top of that, i'm still learning to use the...
  11. sinclair_tm

    WARNING - don't install 10.4.11 - includes new, buggy Safari

    all i know is that safari 3 works for far more things now then safari 2 did. i no longer have to goto other web browsers for certain sites. i'm very happy with it, and enjoy using it more every day. besides, if this site you use only works with 2.0.4, you can set safari 3 to work as 2.0.4...
  12. sinclair_tm

    10.5 First impressions - post yours

    ok, i've installed it on 2 g4s. one is the one in my sig. it doesn't like my flashed 6800. it hangs for 6 min when booting. the installer did it too. but after the 6min wait, it does load and works (and looks)fine. i like stacks, and the the glass like dock. but i don't like the glowing...
  13. sinclair_tm

    Leopard: Bugs/Compatibility Reports

    so far the only real issue i have is that it take 10 min or longer to boot. because of that, i haven't even taken any time to boot back into leopard to put it through the paces. if someone knows of a way to solve this, i'd like to hear it. and this is on my desktop as listed at the bottom. i...
  14. sinclair_tm

    Leopard: Bugs/Compatibility Reports

    i finally got it going on my trusty g4 (see specs below) it started to boot the dvd just fine. i have my macs set to always verbose mode (i like to see whats happening) and noticed that there were alot of errors, a ton really, all kinds of missing things that the boot os on the dvd was...
  15. sinclair_tm

    pc floppies to vpc image

    1st of all, i purchased it at the store this morning, thats how i got vpc7. now that brings up a second question. the book that came with it said win xp or 2000 only, but the on disk readme said msdos or win 95 on up. and the setup wizard also has the option to set up msdos. so does the app...
  16. sinclair_tm

    pc floppies to vpc image

    i just got virtual pc 7 and want to install the copy of msdos 6 that i have, and its on about a dozen floppies. how do i make disk images of the floppies so that i can install dos in the vpc? i do own a pc to read the floppies, and its on the network with my da. i also have an older ppc 8600...
  17. sinclair_tm

    ibook that is in a constant panic

    no good. no info pertaining to the 'book in those links. and i'm getting the same errors with 10.3, so there is something wrong with the 'book. that and the hard drive now sounds funky. back it goes...
  18. sinclair_tm

    ibook that is in a constant panic

    ok, g4 ibook, 1ghz, 1.25gig ram, airport g card, 30gig hd, combo drive, ati radeon 32mb video, 12in lcd, aka, early 2004. i bought it used for school from owc, and it came with 10.3 and a bunch of stuff on it. 1st thing i did was install 10.4 and updated it to 10.4.10. i also installed g4 fan...
  19. sinclair_tm

    Need B&W G3 firmware patch for G4 CPU

    the chip maker doesn't have a website that you can download it from?
  20. sinclair_tm

    G4 Macos9.1 -- Keyboard problem --Help

    the keyboard and mouse work on other computers, but not this mac? have you tried a flash drive, or any other device that requires the port to be powered to work? the camera may of worked because its self powered. the mouse and keyboard on the other hand must get their power from the port, and...