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  1. Mike Adams

    Outlook web access "select all"

    I have to use Outlook web access to remove mail from the mainframe and find no way to do a "select all" that works for for the delete function. When I choose "Select all" it picks the entire page, not the list of messages and this is an illegal choice for delete. Trying the select first, then...
  2. Mike Adams

    New Myst rumors?

    Are there any rumors of a new Myst (or something else from the developers) in the near future?
  3. Mike Adams

    Time Machine problem after switch to iMa

    I recently switched from a G5 to an Intel iMac. Now my Time Machine no longer shows dates of the backups and will not allow a restore of data. Is this an inherent problem switching between the two processors?
  4. Mike Adams

    Backup damaged by last upgrade

    After installing the last Time Machine and Airport update my backup disk has become read-only. Attempts to change permissions fail since the Sharing and permission are grayed out
  5. Mike Adams

    Office 2008 installation problem

    We have an institutional license and colleagues have no problem installing Office 2008. When I try, I get an error message that says 'cannot install because there there is nothing to install' Any ideas what is happening? Thanks
  6. Mike Adams

    Has *anyone* got BTMM working wirelessly?

    Back to my Mac is a great idea, except I have not found anyone who can get it to work other than on a local network. As far as I know, all attempts to use a wireless connections fail, yet Apple has apparently made no effort to acknowledge (let alone fix) the problem. Does anyone have a...
  7. Mike Adams

    airport card for eMac

    I recently installed an airport extreme network, which works fine. I would like to include an older eMac which currently has no card installed. From reading a couple of posts it seems that the nature of the eMac determines which card I should add. The Apple site has a list of serial numbers that...
  8. Mike Adams

    limiting time machine

    As I understand it Time Machine will back up all attached drives. Is there a way to limit it to backing up just the hard drive in your machine?
  9. Mike Adams

    Dead CD drive?

    My CD drive seems to have died. It will not recognize any disc that is inserted and also will not burn a disc. Are there any tricks I can use to try and resurrect it? Thanks Machine Name: Power Mac G5 Machine Model: PowerMac7,3 CPU Type: PowerPC G5 (3.1) Number Of CPUs: 2 CPU...
  10. Mike Adams

    airport in *old* house

    We have a large (4000 sq ft), rambling, old house with a lot of brick walls. I understand these may severely limit the range of Airport. Does anyone have advice for a wireless set-up under these circumstances? thanks
  11. Mike Adams

    Change font in iPhoto

    When looking at the photos, is there a way to change the font and or size of the information below each photo? Thanks
  12. Mike Adams

    CD drive acting up

    Today, while trying to burn a disc with Toast, I kept getting errors messages. Now, any disc I insert fails to appear on the desktop and I get a message that it cannot be read. Finally, ejecting the disk then takes up to 3 minutes before it pops out of the machine. G5 running 10.4.10 Does...
  13. Mike Adams

    Mac Mail and Mime

    Suddenly Mail has started treating all attachments and files cut and pasted into a message very strangely. Every attachment has a Mime file in addition to the original attachment and the content of a cut/paste into the message appears as a Mime file. As far as I know I have not changed any of...
  14. Mike Adams

    Lost all Firewire

    I have two firewire external drives on a dual 2.7 GHz G5 with 1 GB RAm and running 10.4.8. Yesterday they both disappeared from the desktop. Rebooting does not bring them back up and it makes no difference if I plug them into the ports on the back or the front of the machine. Any ideas on...
  15. Mike Adams

    iPod + stereo system

    I plan to use my iPod as my sole music source at home and already have it running though my current stereo system. However, I am looking to upgrade and would like to hear from people who have an integrated music/dvd/tv set up ( I don't need radio). As I understand it, the iPod Stereo from Apple...
  16. Mike Adams

    S video input

    I would like to capture images from a video camera that has S video output on my Mac. Will the S video adaptor for output work? I know that sounds dumb, but not all adaptors work in both directions. If not, is there a simple solution? Thanks
  17. Mike Adams

    Ripping classical albums

    Is there a way to have the entire content of an album of classical music treated as a single track? Right now, if Shuffle in on, then you get individual tracks played, rather than the entire piece Thanks
  18. Mike Adams

    transfer photos from ipod to mac

    I have some photos on my iPod that I want to transfer back to my Mac. iPhoto cannot see them (the Photo folder is empty) but I can see them on the iPod under the Photo menu. Is there a simple way to move them onto my Mac? Thanks
  19. Mike Adams

    Lost mailbox

    I am using Mail and the latest version of Tiger. I keep a mailbox to store all purchasing/shipping acknowledgements. While dragging a message to the box my hand slipped on the mouse and now the mailbox has disappeared, along with all my records. I cannot figure out what I did, or where the...
  20. Mike Adams

    Icon on desktop

    Recently a Mac icon appeared on my desktop, just above the dock (which I keep on the right of the screen). I cannot move it, and nothing happens if I click it. It doesn't seem to do any harm, but I am curious as to what has happened. Any ideas?