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  1. texanpenguin

    "Always on top" (inc. when Screen Saver is running)

    I don't yet know how feasible the idea is for someone like me who hasn't got the world's most fantastic working knowledge of Cocoa, but I've got a little app I'm dying to be made, and, since noone else has made it, I'm seeing what it would involve to take it upon myself. All I want the app...
  2. texanpenguin

    Having Problems with iPod Video

    I'm not impressed. I was given a 60GB white iPod Video for Christmas, and it hasn't yet worked as advertised ONCE. I was a bit confused that it came Windows formatted, but restoring it to HFS+ with the latest iPod Software was easy enough. Then iTunes picked it up, and started filling it with...
  3. texanpenguin

    Resolving External IP address Internally

    I have a Netgear DG834G router which is set up to update my account with my current IP address so that other people can resolve my iMac's hosted webpages. Inbound port 80 requests are forwarded to the iMac and that all works a treat. The problem, though, is that I'd like to be...
  4. texanpenguin proxy settings

    Firstly, I'm on Panther, though this situation is still a problem in Tiger. I've been looking for a solution to this problem that I just can't find an adequate workaround for. It doesn't help that search terms I can come up with are all pretty generic. OK, here's the situation: When I'm...
  5. texanpenguin

    Best Replacement Creative Suite icons?

    Hi, I despise the icons that came with Photoshop CS and Illustrator CS - I want them to look nice, and to conform to the other icons on OS X. None of this 'file type pokes out of the left' nonsense. I found one replacement set but it's...
  6. texanpenguin

    Smart Address Book Groups?

    Tiger apparently has smart everything else - do we get smart groups in Address Book? I want to be able to group everyone together who have a certain last name, or a certain home-page, or a certain phone number range (internal). Is this amazing application being sadly left behind, or are...
  7. texanpenguin

    Dynamic read of iTunes Library

    I have Apache serving a web-site at the moment, and I'd like to be able to have it show my iTunes Library as a nicely formatted HTML page. Is there a nice way for the server to grab the XML on request and show it in plain HTML? Like on-the-fly conversion?
  8. texanpenguin

    But what we all want to KNOW is...

    What's the new default Aqua wallpaper going to look like? All the tour shots have shown the Panther one, (just like all the Panther shots were still using the Jaguar one). I assume it won't be released (or even produced) before the release date, both to ensure the integrity of the Tiger look...
  9. texanpenguin

    URGENT - Desktop Files missing

    I'm using OS 9 (normally an OS X user). Just updated an iMac from OS 8.6 to 9.2, and now the files on the desktop are all missing. If you drag something to the desktop (even an alias), it sits there for a moment then disappears. If you view the desktop from an Open File window (or by browsing...
  10. texanpenguin

    Apple Australia: When Service Goes Bad (link) Read THAT for an example of how NOT to treat a customer.
  11. texanpenguin

    PHP vulnerabilities! VERY IMPORTANT

    I just became aware of severe security flaws in PHP that have been responsible for many phpBB online bulletin boards getting attacked. Hardened-PHP seems to have discovered the flaws, and you can find out about them there and at Update all your PHP, folks. ...and too.
  12. texanpenguin

    Screensaver with Mail alerts?

    It's a rather obscure thing I'm after, but it would be very useful. My PowerBook is always on, and overnight, it is on password encrypted screensaver or sleep. I have an abnormal fixation with reading my e-mail as quickly as possible, so periodically, I find myself exiting the screensaver...
  13. texanpenguin

    Xcode Interface/Other IDEs to try?

    I do Computer Science at University (first year), and we're doing C++ programming. In the past, I've used either SubEthaEdit or Xcode to do the file-editting (nice indenting and syntax colouring), and then compiling the project in Terminal with g++. Today, in class I found out the whole need...
  14. texanpenguin

    "Disconnecting..." forever

    I'm on a PowerBook G4 with a dial-up internet connection. My ISP has four hour sessions, before you get automatically booted from the server, to free up modems. Every now and again (not EVERY time, but many), when either the session expires or the internet is disconnected for some other...
  15. texanpenguin

    10.3.5 - worth upgrading or not?

    OK, around the time of the 10.3.5 release, there were... 'mixed' reactions. I have a 1GHz PowerBook G4 FW800 running 10.3.4 Now that everyone's settled into 10.3.5, is it worth my spending hours and hours downloading it on dial-up? One word - yes or no?
  16. texanpenguin Address Book Nicknames

    I was just wondering if there's any way to get to look in the Nickname field of Address Book entries when composing e-mails. Seems like a bloody stupid thing to leave out. Why else did I put all those nicknames into Address Book? Is this at all updated in Tiger? It frustrates me to...
  17. texanpenguin

    Internet Connection Sharing with Wallstreet?

    OK, I've had my PowerBook routing the internet to my brother's desktop PC (running Windows XP Pro SP1) for some time. I just set it up simply in the appropriate place in my SysPrefs, and then spent a little while configuring the connection from my brother's end. He recently was given a...
  18. texanpenguin

    Infrared Port on Wallstreet?

    My old Wallstreet ended up back in the family recently when my brother was given it back by my dad (who was, in turn, given a clamshell iBook by his work). My brother was ecstatic - he has a Nokia phone with infrared, and I told him that the Wallstreet has an infrared port, so finally he'll be...
  19. texanpenguin

    Yeah, but what about the 5G iPods?

    Okay, okay, so was wrong again - there's no colour screen, it doesn't sync with iPhoto, and there's not even the remotest chance you could make it play QuickTime movies. But looking ahead, what features would you LIKE on a NEW new iPod? A fifth-generation iPod, that is? Was the...
  20. texanpenguin

    Middle-button mouse-scrolling?

    My USB mouse is a standard two-button mouse with a clickable scrollwheel. I've been using it alot on my PC, and have only recently been using it in lieu of my borrowed iMac "Hockey Puck" mouse plugged into my PowerBook. Anyway, I've become very accustomed in Windows to clicking with the...