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  1. wicky

    Spinning Beach Ball in Finder every few minutes ?!

    I’ve just purchased a Mac Mini running the latest version of Mavericks. Everything is up to date in terms of the OS & bundled Mac software. In addition I have Adobe CC and a small number of other applications. The machine’s speed seems adequate for my needs, but it’s almost unusable because...
  2. wicky

    Extracting Aperture images without using Aperture??

    I'm looking for a sensible way to collect my images. I’ve recently upgraded to a new Mac. The previous machine was running Aperture 3, which was an upgrade form version 2. Mavericks wants the original serial which I no longer have access to! I've signed up for Adobe CC so my...
  3. wicky

    How: Stop Youtube fullscreen making 2nd display unusable?

    System: OS x 10.8.5, MBP, additional 22" monitor via DVI mini display port. Problem: I'm trying to follow a Youtube tutorial on the MBP display, and operate SketchUp on the larger screen. I wish to make youtube fullscreen to see the detail, but everytime I click the full screen icon the 22"...
  4. wicky

    Importing mail to ML 10.8.4

    I'm trying to import mailboxes to Mountain Lion 10.8.4. The mailboxes have been exported from Lion 10.7.5 I select File -> Import Mailboxes Then the Apple Mail radio button and select the .mbox I get the following message: "You can find the imported mailboxes in the folder named "Import"...
  5. wicky

    "On my mac" vs iCloud... How can I get my system in sync?

    I've just replaced my MBP's HDD with an SSD and upgraded to Mountain Lion in the process. I'm (desperately) trying to keep the new drive as clean as possible while adding just the old apps and data I need – rather than adding everything from the old drive drive (now re-homed in an external...
  6. wicky

    Max RAM for late 2008 MBP?

    Just signing up for Adobe CC but my late '08 MacBook Pro 2.4Ghz feels a bit old. It meets min req's, but I know it will struggle. I'm planning to replace it with a desktop for the extra power – either a Mac-Mini i7 quad, or an iMac 21'5" i5. I'm not sure which yet. The MBP is not ready for...
  7. wicky

    2 external displays with the late 2012 iMac 21.5"?

    I'm considering getting a 2012 21.5 iMac. The one with 2 Thunderbolt connections. I have a second (non Apple) 1080p DVI display and a Wacom Cintiq 12WX. Is it possible to connect both a the same time? Does the iMac & software support a 2 external display configuration with each screen being...
  8. wicky

    DNS advice

    Not sure where to ask this? I am trying to point & to I want to do this via DNS rather than parking because the domains have MX records for GoogleApps already setup. Thanks
  9. wicky

    Using Apple Mail to send via GoogleApps nickname & mapped domain?

    I'm trying to use Apple Mail with my Google Apps account which has multiple domains & nicknames mapped to it. In Mail, separated with commas, I have added several email addresses to a single account:,,,
  10. wicky

    Mac 3d software recommendations?

    I'm looking for affordable 3D software to render packaging stills. Animation is not required, but I need realistic/convincing glass, translucent plastics and paper textures. I know Cinema4D is probably the daddy for this, but it's overkill and too expensive for my needs. Is there anything more...
  11. wicky

    Mac Mini graphics and multiple displays

    I'm considering buying a current Mac Mini (late 2012) to replace my late 2009 MacBook Pro. I'd like to know if the on-board Intel HD Graphics 4000 will simultaneously support both a 1080p monitor and a Wacom Cintiq 12WX? I know I can attach both using the HDMI and Thunderbolt connections...
  12. wicky

    Aperture, why soooo slow??

    I'm running Aperture 3.3.1 on a MBP 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo with 4GB RAM. Aperture is hideously slow. Is there a trick for speeding it up?
  13. wicky

    Please help with email solution / setup

    I feel like I should know the answer to this already but I don't (and apologies if this is on the wrong forum)¿ Is there a single mailbox solution, to which I can map multiple domains, to both send and receive? Something that will allow me to manage all mail from a single interface, ideally...
  14. wicky

    What's the deal with using a cheap, non-apple bluetooth mouse?

    I usually use a Wacom Intuos pad with my MacBook Pro, but want to buy a cheap Bluetooth mouse with scroll wheel for browsing and such. I'm loathed to drop $70 on a Apple Magic Mouse. Many of the mice (mouses?) I've seen come with a Bluetooth USB dongle.... this confuses me. Is it necessary...
  15. wicky

    Mac app to receiving a fax?

    I need to receive occasional faxes but don't have a fax machine (and don't want one). Is there an affordable & reliable Mac app solution that will create a PDF or Email?
  16. wicky

    Simple question: Moving to a new computer?

    I'm about to ask a very stupid question, but I want to make sure I've got all bases covered… I'm moving from the UK to the US soon, so selling both my Mac's before leaving in order to benefit from the price difference. However, this means being without a computer for a brief period. Can...
  17. wicky

    Add 2 additional displays to an iMac?

    I've got a 24" iMac with a second monitor connected via the DVI port. I'd like to connect a Wacom Cintiq 12WX and wondered if there is any way to add this without disconnecting the second monitor? I know there's only one DVI port, but wondered if a device exists that can be added to allow...
  18. wicky

    Connect old EIDE drive to iMac?

    I've got an old external HD that's died and I want to get the data. I think the HD is OK but the circuit board has broken. The problem... The drive is a bit old (Firewire 400, EIDE drive), so not sure how to connect it to my iMac. Maplins do an HD dock (like this) but I think these only...
  19. wicky

    Analytics to track URLs rather than landing pages?

    My client is running a number of print & online ad's and wants to gage the response from each on their website. Each ad has a suffix to denote the ad being responded to, so: etc... I've setup a htaccess file to redirect the visitors to the homepage...
  20. wicky

    syncing iphone apps?

    I downloaded an iphone app and installed it at work the other, on my work computer. I normally do all updates via my home computer, with which my iphone is synced. How do I now sync with my home computer and iphone without loosing the recently added app? Sorry if this is a stoopid...