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  1. sirstaunch

    Perian Update.... NOT!!

    If you happen to see Perian 1.0 on Macupdate or anywhere, don't bother downloading yet. I just happened to read the feedbacks first and this is what's said
  2. sirstaunch

    eMac: Will this HD fit?

    Trouble shooting with the Harddrive, "bout to die" Disk Utility tells me, so shopping around for the right drive has been an adventure. The closest I have found for a reasonable price is a SeaGate SE160I78 (Googled the model number and eMac together with no found results). The current...
  3. sirstaunch

    Use MS Office On A Mac? You’re About To Get Screwed

  4. sirstaunch

    Flush Button?

    I'm guessing the Flush icon flushes a thread, is that to stop only me reading it or everyone else as well? Too scared to try LOL
  5. sirstaunch

    Who wants to go flying?

    iPod adaptors in planes
  6. sirstaunch

    Apple silences music labels over iTunes pricing

    Source Apple has held onto its 79p UK and 99c US prices for individual songs on iTunes, after renewing its contracts with Universal, EMI, Warner Music and Sony BMG. The deal had been held up for the past few months as Warner, EMI and Sony tried to negotiate a higher rate for newer...
  7. sirstaunch

    A Time to Patch III: Apple

    Not sure if I should of added this into the Virus Post to put people at ease, but I started a new thread anyhow. This is a research on response time of security issues within and Apple and Linux systems
  8. sirstaunch

    MacBook Pro vs Dual G5 PowerMac

    May of been posted before but searching for this in the forum could give thousands of results
  9. sirstaunch claims on Apple And a PDF of their complaint. Bicker bicker bicker Oops,, not burts
  10. sirstaunch

    Reason to buy Dell Computers

    I'm not saying anything about this google video
  11. sirstaunch

    Doctors warn of iPod ear damage

    Well if ya not careful it could damage your ear And you'd better be careful what you're listening to while shaving too
  12. sirstaunch

    Beatles' Apple vs. Apple (Apple wins...) merged thread...
  13. sirstaunch

    Mighty Mouse

    Flickr user Dan Bowles has a few photos up on his photostream today depicting an odd discovery he made while checking out his Apple Mighty Mouse. It appears as if when you lift the mouse and look at the light pattern formed by the red LED underneath, it forms the shape of, well, a...
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    iPod Love

    Now this person has got a problem I think
  15. sirstaunch

    Windows Xp Boots on OSX

    It's official!!!!1/
  16. sirstaunch

    startup progress on Desktop

    Weird thing, but my screensaver locked up out of the blue, it wouldn't let me access my screen no matter what I did. I ended up powering down the computer with the power button then did a startup. All begun well except, for some strange reason, the startup progrees bar remained on my desktop...
  17. sirstaunch

    Startup progress on Desktop

    Moved to Hardware section, sorry for inconvenience
  18. sirstaunch

    Security Check

    Hope this is the right spot, but this is a vunerability check on your OS, I did the Security update today so it passed on me so wonder if it happens on someone elses machine who hasn't updated. Should be harmless but I take no responsibility Be interesting to know if this test is real or not??
  19. sirstaunch

    i'm confused

    can anyone explain this please what?