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    game not recognized any more!!

    Remove all traces of the pirated Assassins Creed 2 and Brotherhood as best you can. You should then be able to download them from a legit store such as Steam. Google "valve steam" to find it. You'll need to download the steam program ("Steam client" as it often called) which is free. Install it...
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    Brand new iMac won't boot properly!

    What I typed is correct. Safe boot does maintenance and disk check. "Maintenance" would be the flushing of caches.
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    Brand new iMac won't boot properly!

    N.B. Starting the machine while holding the SHIFT key will perform maintenance, including checking the hard drive.
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    Close safari?

    Cow Loon, the "Home button" that closes apps (including Safari), is called that because it takes you back to the Home screen with the app icons. As you discovered, it is a physical button. It has a secondary function: it will wake up a sleeping iPad. The "button" on the Safari toolbar allows...
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    Hardware test MAC OS X

    I'll see if I can dig out my old iBook discs.
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    Hardware test MAC OS X

    Well, I just looked at the MacBook Pro 13" (2009) system disc, and it's D for hardware!
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    Modified Google search plugin in Mac Firefox

    I would go to with Firefox on your Mac (don't use the plugin) and click settings on that page (top right). In the settings change sites per page to 100. Then try your plugin again. I don't have that plugin, so this is a hunch. Good luck! Bot
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    Hardware test MAC OS X

    Yes, Delta Mac's right of course. I suppose I should have had you try a safe boot first. Janehelp, before you do the hardware test, why don't you start your iBook while holding down the Shift key. This will do a safe boot that will check your hard drive. Because of the age of your machine...
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    Macbook Pro slow again but.....

    When you used DiskWarrior, did you have it check all files and folders? That seems to rule out a defective disk / format error. It's very unusual for OS X to freeze, though there are a number of possible causes. First, disconnect everything from your machine and restart to rule out an external...
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    Hardware test MAC OS X

    Janehelp, The hardware test is on (one of) the system disc(s) that came with the machine. It's not likely something you can download. First try unplugging everything except mouse and keyboard from the machine and restart it. If that doesn't solve your problem, system crashes/freezes makes me...
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    Cannot partition my disk

    Carlin Green, I bought iDefrag for $30. There's some debate as to how effective defragging is nowadays, but I believe that iDefrag is effective when used occasionally, especially if the drive is nearly full and heavily used. iDefrag is one of the few (if only) defragmentation utilities that...
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    Cannot partition my disk

    There's a program called Camptune that will resize your Boot Camp partition. Also, I use a program to back up my Boot Camp partition. It's called WinClone, and it's free (the legal kind of free). UPDATE: I can't get to the WinClone site. Disk Utility (in the Applications/Utilities folder) will...
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    Viruses On Os X

    It amazes me how large this thread is, concerning something that doesn't exist (Mac OS viruses, that is)! Am I wrong? I haven't yet seen reports of a virus. A few worms, several trojans, no viruses. :) (BTW, I keep getting emails because I'm subscribed to this thread. I've got to stop being...
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    CUPS printer problems

    I think User565 is trying to use an open-source CUPS driver to get his printer to print over the network, not the official driver from Brother. **EDIT: I'm using 10.6.2. These steps should hopefully be similar to what's needed in 10.4.x, but I don't remember exactly.** User565, you'll need the...
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    Recovering my files...

    I know this is an old thread, but I happened to read it and thought my reply was incomplete. In a situation like this, I would first attempt to recover my files using Data Rescue for the OS X partition and whatever's good on the Windows side currently (I'm not up-to-date, unfortunately). Then...
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    cannot save to a pdf from print window

    Yeah, you can use the Preview program that comes with OS X to view your PDFs. I use it as my main viewer for PDFs. Much faster than Adobe Reader. I don't use Acrobat, though. Right-click (or hold down the Command key and click) on the PDF and select Open With then "Preview". 10.6 let's you drag...
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    Puzzling Audiobooks Bug

    I've seen this behavior in at least two of my audiobooks. Probably affects all of them. I wonder if a restore would kill the bug.
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    Puzzling Audiobooks Bug

    Here's one for you. I've searched Google for other people having this problem. Nothing. I listen to audiobooks. They usually come in multiple files. I have a couple that have 5 parts (5 files). So, let's say I'm on part 2. I click on part 2 and start listening. But I realize it's on the wrong...
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    Insecure Startup Items

    Yeah, Septicdeath offered a solution people thanked him for: quote: "yes, using unix/bsd command 'chown' (change ownership) can be used, if you know unix its a couple simple cmds, but its just as easy to navigate finder to \Library and do a get info on the 'startup items' folder...
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    Insecure Startup Items

    It wouldn't hurt to temporarily uninstall VirtalBox (but back up first!) as well as the HP printer software. VirtualBox is using kernel extension(s), which may possibly be causing you problems. Have you checked your hard drive with a good hard drive utility such as DiskWarrior? DiskWarrior will...