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    Puzzling Audiobooks Bug

    Here's one for you. I've searched Google for other people having this problem. Nothing. I listen to audiobooks. They usually come in multiple files. I have a couple that have 5 parts (5 files). So, let's say I'm on part 2. I click on part 2 and start listening. But I realize it's on the wrong...
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    Strange Characters on Web Pages

    Here's a strange one for you. Sometimes when I visit websites (with Firefox 3.0 or 3.5), certain characters are replaced with strange symbols or white question marks on black background. Anyone know what's going on and how to fix it? Bot A screen grab of said anomalies...
  3. ex2bot

    Back Up Software Update for iPod Touch

    Here's a question I haven't seen asked or answered: How do I back up the $20 software update for my iPod touch? Yes, I was a sucker and bought it (and glad I did). Where does the update live so I can back it up? I am using Time Machine, but I'd like an alternate method. D *EDIT* Here's a...
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    Frozen Over?

    Okay, I did a search for this on the site and didn't find anything. So, here goes: Dvorak is using a Mac and likes it okay. Pretty much. And that's not all. He is even recommending them to people who ask for his recommendation (non-computer experts)!!! (Of course, it seems to work well for...
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    Hot Plug DVI?

    Hi, I got a new MacBook Pro. Here's a question: What do I have to do to pull out the DVI - to VGA adaptor? Do I have to sleep the machine? Shut it down? I have it hooked up to a projector, and the machine thinks the projector is always on. So, I either have to settle for a 1280x800 resolution...
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    Help: German Language Speakers!

    If you speak German, I could use your help. We're naming some of our German Shorthairs, and we have a male that we want to name something like Royal Hunter. Jager is hunter, right? So what about royal? I consulted a German-English dictionary, but there appear to be several words for royal...
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    Unreliable Internet Sharing

    I use my iMac to connect to the Internet via Earthlink dialup, because I ordered my G5 without a modem. So, I share Internet access via ethernet to the G5, using OS X's built-in sharing function. The problem is, it doesn't always work. About every third or fourth connection attempt will fail...
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    More Mac Vs. PC Ammo Fer Ya

    Here's a new one: After someone that barely knows anything about computers tries to explain to you that you're foolish for using Macs, you can say, "Well. The Editor In Chief of PCWorld owns a 12" Mac Powerbook." Check out this month's issue. Cheers. :) Doug
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    Any Luck Running No One Lives Forever 2 w/Panther?

    I bought No One Lives Forever 2 a couple months ago. It worked well with 10.2, but with 10.3 there are sound issues. Specifically, when you talk to non-player characters, they speak all their lines in the game, one after another. In other words, they will say their dialog and then say a line of...
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    Terminal has lost its mind

    I have a problem with my terminal configuration: I was running one of those ffmpeg front-ends. It messed up my terminal, and now whenever I open a new terminal, the startup script attempts to run ffmpeg. In addition, my path is screwed up, and /bin and /sbin are not in the path so common...
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    Windows to Go PowerPC

    Folks, We didn't see this one coming! Maybe it's a good thing Apple is moving to X86. Doug
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    Recommended Reading!

    I highly recommend three books on Mac OS X by O'Reilly: _Mac OS X: The Missing Manual_ by David Pogue - This is a very well written text especially for beginners to experts who are new to OS X. _Mac OS X Hints_ by Rob Griffiths (who runs the website) - This one is kind of a successor to...
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    Embarrassingly Simple Window Question

    How does one go about closing those mini-windows using the keyboard. For example, in OS 9, those little yellow windows would pop up and command-w would not get rid of them. Of course, OS X doesn't have the little yellow windows, but I was doing something (can't remember what) and came across...
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    SAFARI, EMAIL, other net-related apps --> Please post in "The Net" forums!

    Look under 'Internet Community' on the bottom of the forums list. Doug
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    Does your post belong here? Please check the forums list.

    It may not be obvous, but the forum for Internet apps and connections is near the bottom of the forums list. Have fun! -Doug
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    Help! Menus don't stay open

    Here's a weird one for you. I'm one of those "click on menu, release button, point to choice, click" people. (Maybe everyone is like that now.) Suddenly, the menus on my new iMac, which has been mostly quirk free, will not stay open until I have a chance to select a menu item. (10.2.2)...
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    CD " in use" and will not eject

    Ok, I have a cd in the drive that will not eject. Finder says "The operation could not be completed. . .[name] is in use." I did install a program from the cd, but the installer shouldn't be running and I can't figure out what is holding on to the disc. Any ideas? Thanks!