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  1. Pippin


    Does anyone know how long the system.log files live before they are written over? I guess its the /usr/sbin/rotatelogs script that manages it but I cant tell what the default value is. rotatelogs --help just gives me an example but will not tell me the default.
  2. Pippin

    Mac os X on Playstation 3 Quote: 'The integrated Cell processor will be able to support a variety of operating systems (such as Linux or Apple's Tiger).' ..Kind of odd that they're speculating about their own product.
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    iTunes Dies.... For Some,39024667,39126659,00.htm UnLucky!
  4. Pippin

    iPod instigating switchers…,39024645,39126090,00.htm I would not class this as "unexpected" as I believe this was possibly the second reason why the iPod was ported to the windows chaps. Certainly interesting though.
  5. Pippin

    Apple store is down... -> PowerMac G5 Single 1.8 GHz

    emm I dont. Any ideas? Maby Ibook and eMac Updates?
  6. Pippin

    OS X on X-Box I thought this was relatively interesting. Some of you might have seen it before, Some may not. The X-Box is running emulation software, ‘Pear Pc’ - then emulating OS x. As you can see this is the first and still current x-box. And it is...
  7. Pippin

    FS or FT, Apple Powermac G5

    I have my Dual 1.8Ghz G5 here, its my pride and joy but i just cant afford to keep it as I am moving away to uni. Its got 1.5gig ram and all else is stock. I am interested in all serious offers and if anyone has a pc or apple notebook (not ibook), I may consider swapping with some cash...
  8. Pippin

    How much for G5?

    How much do you think i should get for my Dual 1.8 G5, only 8 days old. Its all stock and has a 3 year cover plan + iSight. I Just want to know how much i should be looking for. err....In ££££. Thanking you muchio :D
  9. Pippin

    Wanted-Trade, My G5 for Powerbook.

    I have a Brand new, like 5 days old G5 that i want to trade for a 17" powerbook, now this machine has a 3 year extended protection plan. And this just cost me a LOT of money. If you feel that you have something to offer me for this Post away. This is UK only and I live in scotland, so pickup...
  10. Pippin

    The Pippin

    Hey folks I wrote that little artical on the front page of about the pippin called "Shot-Down". Now the pippin is a rocking wee games station, err.. well i have no games for mine but im sure it is . :D Just want to know if anyone else has one and if they would put some photos up...
  11. Pippin

    Anyone tell me when...

    Ok i know this is boring and repitative, but i must have some sort of date for the new G5's??? If not i may loose all hope and crawl into a dark space and die. When Oh when Oh when????
  12. Pippin

    FT Powerbook G4 876

    Hi Folks, im looking to trade im 15" G4 867, 256 Sdram, 40gig Hd. Im going to make a site for it and maby a streaming video of me showing you all about it and just what it can do! Im looking for maby a 12" Powerbook, or a desktop. If you are intrested post what u might offer. Please note...