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  1. Pengu

    PHP/MySQL Database

    you want more like: <? $query = mysql_query( "select * from `tblcars` WHERE `carID` = '$_GET[carID]'" ) or die( "Uh oh, there was an error!" . mysql_error() ); $car = mysql_fetch_assoc( $query ); echo( "Make: $car[make]<br />" ); echo( "Model: $car[model]<br />" ); ?> note...
  2. Pengu

    100% Height???

    ok. sorry. i forgot some people still use netscape 4 and IE 3. there is nothing that tables will allow you to do that can't be done with CSS.
  3. Pengu

    100% Height???

    or use css. tables are evil. and with CSS you can have a TRUE floating footer at the bottom of the WINDOW.
  4. Pengu

    What's the best bluetooth phone to use with my mac?

    i have a p910i. i love it. but to get reliable hassle-free sync's you'll need tiger, as it's officially unsupported under Panther (isync 1.5) and. you can use nearly ANY audio file as a ringtone. i currently have Overcome by Live as my normal ringtone and the Emporers march from Star...
  5. Pengu

    Windows programs on tiger?

    sorry, i forgot that some people still use "services" like msn and yahoo.
  6. Pengu

    Windows programs on tiger?

    and there i was thinking it was high-end games and specialised business apps keeping people in windows-land.
  7. Pengu

    Ghost Recon: what do you think?

    an imac has not got a "best" by anyone graphics card.
  8. Pengu


    no.. you need to open Server Assistant on ONE machine, then boot from the CD/DVD in a DIFFERENT machine, and it will appear as an option to configure it.
  9. Pengu

    who started using USB...Apple or ?

    Whether or not Apple use it first, they definitely the first to really "use" it. Until recently nearly every major manufacturer still included P/S2 ports (and most still supplied p/s2 keyboards) whereas apple made the decision and dropped the legacy adb stuff immediately.
  10. Pengu

    Safari Pop-up controls

    pithhelmet does allow this sort of config.
  11. Pengu

    who started using USB...Apple or ?

    just to clarify. you probably COULD get usb back in 98 or 99 when apple adopted it, for pcs. it just wasnt standard. and fyi, Intel is a big player in the USB controlling body.
  12. Pengu

    Logitech MX 1000 compatibility

    i have one. it's brilliant. i love it. need i say more? and it took me two seconds to type the words mx1000 review mac into google. second result i got:
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    figures. I had a related issue where i stuffed my ARD install on my g4 server (it has a video card, but way too much effort to stick a monitor on it....) anywho. this: and the cli version of installer worked wonderfully. sudo installer...
  14. Pengu

    Internet sharing on OS X Server 10.4 Helpppp!

    what do you have setup as your default gateway on the xserve?
  15. Pengu

    Will my display loose the benefit?

    um. the 20" is actually 1680x1050.
  16. Pengu

    Mailto: How do I make a pre-formatted email?

    um. try putting a \n or \r into the bits where you want a line break.
  17. Pengu

    Processor performance: automatic vs reduced

    um. i think lowest goes to "low". automatic changes dynamically based on load, does it not?
  18. Pengu

    Apples marketshare

    i would assume apple would use an Intel board/chipset built to their specifications: no legacy (parallel, serial, p/s2, fdd controller) and all the things we expect from apple: firewire (including boot support) 400 and 800, usb2, sata, gigabit ethernet, and HOPEFULLY some form of Open...
  19. Pengu

    External Soundcard

    for optical try the Pro Hi-Fi link from
  20. Pengu

    Can this LCD be used with a G5 Dual 2?

    id suggest simmilar, but use a different tuner (eyetv is very restrictive) that supports HD, and use iTele!