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    Remote Login?

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    MSN Now Advertising !

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    Can i change this?

    I would like to change the default unzip directory of OSX zip archives to the desktop instead of the current folder, how?
  4. Browni

    Itunes Timed Playlist

    Im looking for a way to create a playlist that will last a certin amount of time for example 1 hour. I would also like to add perticalr MP3's into the playlist every 20 minuites. Can it be done?
  5. Browni

    Skech up to Pov Ray convter?

    Ive just started using a 3d Modler called Skech Up ( and i would like to know if i can convter the model to pov ray? Any helps good :) Adam
  6. Browni

    Creating UT2k4 Mods

    Ive just bought Unreal 2k4 for my ibook, and im wondering how i would go about creating a MOD for it? not somthing as large as counterstrinke but somthing smaller How would i go about it on the Mac
  7. Browni

    Cant Sync Palm E2 with Mac using iSync

    Hey guys, long time no post. Ok I have just got my new ibook, (nice and shiney) along with it got a Plam E2. Im trying to sync my Calender made in iCal, with the Palm, Ive enabled Palm support (eventually) in iSync, so i can see the Palm, but when I click sync, i get the messege about...
  8. Browni

    Mail and iCal

    Is there a way to set ical events dependent on the text in a email? I am a member of St John Ambulance a First Aid providing organization for local and international events. We receive our duty information through email, currently when there is a duty that i want to do is : Read email...
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    ical Import Options

    Hi guy's I have an excel spreadsheet with a bunch of dates in it, I am looking for a way to import them into iCal, there doesnt seem to be a way? Is there? Adam
  10. Browni

    Microphone Problems

    Ok i bought a mic and headphone set from Plantronics - i think it was 900c or something. However the Mic doesn't seem to work with my Mac? any ideas? Its not the mic itself because it works with my windows laptop fine. Thanks Adam EDIT: I have the AGP model if that helps
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    iCal Import Options

    i have a excel document with a bunch of events in it. I would like to import them into ical to use them, but ical doesn't appear to have an import option for either Excel documents or CSV? Any ideas how i could do this? Thanks Adam
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    itunes on the desktop

    Ever since i found Adium X i like having things on my desktop, with my changing desktop b.g. What i would like is iTunes on the desktop, I use party shuffle, so i would liek that infomation on the desktop. Any Way i can do that. Im on 10.3 so no widgets :( PS: wasnt there some way to get...
  13. Browni

    Looking for Hotel Reseivation / Booking system

    Hi peeps, Im looking for a hotel booking / resivation system, for a client. The cheeper the beter. I have found but i cant seem to get it to install on my server, to test it. Any ideas? Thanks, Adam
  14. Browni

    Filemaker pro questions

    Guys(and Gals), I have a fileamaker pro database to hold all my contact information for my customers. It does everything that i want it to do except i would like it to remind me (on a date basis) when actions have to be taken e.g. ring customer and talk about new business, or monthly check...
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    Come all gather round....

    ....and view my brand spanking new website! Enjoy. Any problems?
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    changing a css statement depending on the reuslt of $_GET['page']

    I have a site tabbed navigation at the top, this is done by CSS, every tab has a off state, and an on state the on state for each tab is the same. the content is controlled by a $_GET['page'] statement, is there a way to change the state of a tab depending on the result of $_GET['page']? for...
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    looking for a tempalte to see how it is done

    Sounds silly but.... Im looking for a web template that has a black back ground and has cdd rollover links of large text done by CSS ( i think some one on the forums has it as their home page, i think it has ' rules' as the background text. I need it for a client. If you...