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  1. moav

    Ilife 07 at BETT tomorrow

    If I'm not mistaken I believe that the Beatles Albums on Apple iTunes will be released sometime Before the NAMM conference. I think Yoko will be there with steve, though I am not sure but sometime between like now and the 20th of this month. BETT is just an educational conference/tradeshow
  2. moav

    Ilife 07 at BETT tomorrow

    iLife 07 and the possibility of iWorks 07 will be released tomorrow at BETT. It's good to be back.
  3. moav

    Selling my Powerbook

    I wish they would make laptops that weren't flat and would have a slight upward curve to them. It would look kinda cool from the side since there would be a slight arc underneath the laptop where they could place a small blue light so that the surface underneath(table, carpet...etc) would glow...
  4. moav

    No, new products from Apple in over 5 YEARS!!

    well you were right about that... well, your 5th element thing may come to avail, today or tomorrow with the grand opening. Didn't even realize the 5th and 5th regarding the cube and the dimensional aspects, timelines and product pie, so, then what is the the fifth piece of the pie then? 767...
  5. moav

    T-mobile and Itunes

    In late 2005 there was a tenative pack with T-Mobile to have the ROKR phone in about 10 to 20 other markets... however, due to certain things that can not be mentioned the deal died. We were within about 4 days of launch of the ROKR in Germany when the deal fell through... another thing that...
  6. moav

    Imovie for Windows and... new video camera

    What the heck are you talking about? I just went on the other day and they had like 20 Sony Products, they wouldn't just take them off. It's probably only a product refresh or something. By Tuesday will know for sure.
  7. moav

    Paris Expo in September 20th to 24th What's next?

    I would love a tablet that is basically I wireless tablet/screen for my imac. I really don't need another mac just a portable screen. Possibly the iphone but I hope that happens earlier.
  8. moav

    What other Apple "no-gos" are left?

    Steve Balmer to head Apple... itunes and ipod to support wma. I use to like Sony now i just wish they would shut up and die. Though with Real starting to make some profits and their deals with some pro sports leagues I could see Apple buying them. Then having MLB, NBA and nascar podcasts and...
  9. moav

    What other Apple "no-gos" are left?

    We still have the iclick video/stil camera, ipad tablet, icalc spreadsheet program, iwire wireless electicity for laptops pads, ihome video tivo/home server, iscribe instant write printer, iphone (soon?), iport... Might Mouse was the code name for one of Apple's style writer printers.
  10. moav

    Apple's Roadmap?

    I really hope they bring on one more product to the matrix. camera, video camera, tablet, dvd/tivo recorder, new home wireless home servers, programable calculators. etc. Now that they have been able to penetrate the consumer market with the ipod what business product will they bring to the...
  11. moav

    What software is missing?

    Would like to see some great creative home software for the growing, quilting, knitting, needlecraft/art industry. Would like to see some surfboard crafting software. Also some better tools for the real estate industry from land surveying sofware, to home inspection software.
  12. moav

    Looking for Good Freeware Arcade Games lets you play most of the games like qbert, kong, ms pacman, mario, zaxxon, joust, pitfall... enjoy... if you hunt around a lot of the games are now in the public domain... or you can find them on lemonstring goto
  13. moav

    Motorola iTunes Phone Thread

    Last I heard Apple has been activeley working with motorola for almost a year now and in fact the razr phone was a joint coperative effort of apples designers and motorolas guys. So, Tomorrow will be a special day in everyones hearts... someone let the bat out of the bag to early sir john.
  14. moav

    Itunes countdown(date crazy)

    If you set your date to July 15 or after the itunes countdown shows 500,000,000+ downloads. Then I set it for July 2004 and it is counting down backwards from -15000000 kind of strange.
  15. moav

    ibook 12" 800mhz CD-RW 256MB/airport

  16. moav

    Car Pranks

    Soak a couple clothes or paper towels in some milk and let it sour for a few days then put the stinking thing under their floormat or inside one of the vents(you can place it in a plastic bag don't close and it will still stink but won't stain anything) Place a honk if you think I'm ugly bumber...
  17. moav

    Keynote webcast available today

    Just finished watching. Kinda looking forward to the next few years. I'm sure that a few mac fanatics will hold off on some major purchases, but the majority of computer users that what or need a mac for home or business are going to get one anyway. I know I'm going to buy at least one more imac...
  18. moav

    OS X Leopard

    Changing spots... beat me to it. IRONIC no?
  19. moav

    Mac to use Intel Chips!

    Intel has not done a very good job promoting Linux so I really doubt we will see much if any market share gain by this switch. It seems it has a lot less to do with the chip then the operating system. The reason for that is you don't have specific individuals in your IT department worrying about...
  20. moav

    need help to choose between digital cameras..

    Just upgraded my 4 megapixel cannon a few weeks ago for a new minolta g600 6MP. The only thing I didn't like about my old cannon was that most night shots where very grainy due to the poor lighting(duh) but somehow this new G600 cleans that part up spectacularly, and it is fast to shoot and fast...