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  1. Jason

    iTunes Problem

    Edited initial posts. Please keep your language in check, or next time the thread gets out right deleted. Thank you.
  2. Jason

    Force Internal Speakers over headphones?

    System Preferences > Sound > Choose a device for sound output.
  3. Jason

    Disabling animated effects in OS X

    It's just simply a QOL issue for me. I see no reason to have an animated effect when it simply could "snap" and be done. Some of us prefer it that way, I don't see why people who do prefer a fairly no frills experience has to back it up with explanation other than that.
  4. Jason

    Help with connecting a powerbook via wireless...

    Honestly, looking at those... neither of you should be connected. Your DHCP address is all sorts of wrong. And your roommates is just on the wrong subnet. Try setting up both with manual addresses. (Also, I'm moving this to networking)
  5. Jason

    Slow desktop load time & bouncing icons!

    Edited offensive post.
  6. Jason

    Disable Annoying Co-Worker's Audio

    Does he know about universal access? You could the opposite route and make his computer announce *everything* to him. As well as invert the screen and turn it upside down. Silly things like that. Oh also, another good trick. Tape a small piece of paper over the optical part of the mouse. I'm...
  7. Jason

    Leopard Installation 3 out of 4 ain't bad.

    Restart the iMac and zap the PRAM about 3 times, and see if that works, also let it go for a few mins when you do restart...
  8. Jason

    Repairing Permissions in Leopard...1st time...

    Oh no doubt its a bug, or at the very least poor programming. I'm just saying its most likely working, it just doesn't appear to be doing so.
  9. Jason

    Leopard: Bugs/Compatibility Reports

    Edited thread to be stickied and the what not. So far I've had a couple bugs, more related to Adobe though... One is CoverFlow doesn't build full thumbs of Photoshop saved pictures, which sucks. It uses the 128x128 icon that Photoshop saves to the file. I have since turned icon saving off in...
  10. Jason

    semi-transparent menu bar

    It also depends on your computer if it has the gpu processing to handle it.
  11. Jason

    Repairing Permissions in Leopard...1st time...

    It just takes its time without actually telling you its doing anything. Just let it run and it will finish eventually.
  12. Jason

    Leopard: Bugs/Compatibility Reports

    Don't question the Apple GUI gods, they are watching O.O
  13. Jason

    Leopard: Bugs/Compatibility Reports

    It's not nearly unified enough, there are many inconsistencies that need to be fixed. UNO ftw.
  14. Jason

    Quark 7 & InDesign CS3 Problem

    Also check your view modes. Try the "Best Quality" view to see if that's it.
  15. Jason

    Dvd to DIVX

    Handbrake works very well, I converted a few movies for my flight to Europe with it :D
  16. Jason

    Apple Store is down. What up???

    Or its a genius way of getting traffic and attention.
  17. Jason

    question about macbook power options...

    AFAIK you have to have a keyboard, mouse, monitor and power supply plugged in for it to work that way....
  18. Jason

    Apple Refurbished?

    Excellent, keep the good stories coming ;)
  19. Jason

    Apple Refurbished?

    Anyone ever purchase an Apple Refurbished product? If so, what has your experiences been? Thanks! :)
  20. Jason

    The BIG Switch.. Here's my story

    Wow, what a way to jump in the pool. No kiddie side for you hahaha