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  1. smithy

    Using current 24" iMac without glass

    Hey thanks for your help on that one. That was one of my considerations as to what is the actual LCD panel below the glass actually like. Maybe I'll try it out and see how it goes, otherwise I'll just hook up my 23" ACD and use them side by side, with the ACD as the main display. Cheers!
  2. smithy

    Using current 24" iMac without glass

    Hi Everyone, What's your thoughts of using the current iMac without the glass panel in place? This would be to avoid the glare and such of the screen and hopefully to make it more accurate for colour-specific work. Cheers
  3. smithy

    Hardrive + External Caddy

    Awesome, thanks for that - i guess it should work.
  4. smithy

    Hardrive + External Caddy

    Hi, I need to get an external hard drive, and it works out cheaper to get a caddy and hard drive instead of buying one off the shelf.The caddy uses the PATA IDE connection, but the Hard drive is Ultra ATA/100 - so will there be any problem with these working together? I want to get these...
  5. smithy

    Random freezing

    That's what i think the problem is too, i just need to save up some dollars for an external hard drive. Thanks anyways satcomer.
  6. smithy

    install mac os x on intel laptop (toshiba)

    It's illegal brother. Do correct me if i am wrong however.
  7. smithy

    Random freezing

    Hi, Lately my mac (10.4.7) has been freezing without notice forcing me to do a hold down the power button shutdown. I don't think it happens from performance things such as running heaps of apps and or doing multiple tasks; nothing really like that. It just usually happens at the most...
  8. smithy

    Sound balance messed up

    If you haven't done so, simply go into System Preferences and go to Sound then select the Output tab. Select the Headphones in the column on the left, and use the balance slider below. If that doesn't work, get new headphones.
  9. smithy

    OS X locking up

    Hey, Well this is becoming a every-day occurance now, its pretty much the
  10. smithy

    desktop shortcut icon to my website

    Well you can easily do it by dragging the url from the address text area in safari to the desktop. This will create a little file with an icon with HTTP on it, and once you double click it, it will open your browser and load the website. If you want to burn it to a CD, well you can just burn...
  11. smithy

    Apple patents new LCD screen design

    Depending on the amount of power consumption it would need, perhaps iPod? I think alot of people would be amazed to find their music player can double up as a small video recording device. I dunno whether they could implement it into the iPod or what but it's a thought.
  12. smithy


    Wacom all the way. Get a 6x8, not too small but not too big. If your just starting out, don't go blow all of your money on a Wacom Intuos, just start off with a Wacom Graphire which is pretty good value for money in terms of what it can do - then upgrade later if need be. Remember you can...
  13. smithy


    Where abouts?
  14. smithy

    Teehee! MiniPC

    Errr why doesn't that company try to make something original. I think the only thing it has on the mac mini is a power button on the front.
  15. smithy

    iPhoto photo books - Australia

    Yeah but we shouldn't have to resort to using a another company other than Apple to get the full potential out of iPhoto.
  16. smithy

    Will Apple drop OS X in favour of Windows?

    What really ticks me off is how Apple never flaunts their OS in advertising. Seriously, pratically everyone knows what an iPod is but not everyone knows what Mac OS X is. When the switch just happened from PPC to Intel, why do they have to spend a vast amount of money to create an Ad just about...
  17. smithy

    Bogus PC site

    Actually i do have to say that those monitors look quite similiar to the ones used in Sex and the City. (Alec's workstation that Carrie actually works on breifly to write her column)
  18. smithy

    iPhoto photo books - Australia

    Well at least 2 Aussies on here think so.. I just really am suprised why they haven't let us buy them earlier..