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  1. LovesMacs

    Time incorrect on posts

    I hope I'm doing this correctly. I've noticed for a week or so that when users post and create a ticket, it indicates the time posted, but when I Respond to a question, the time is completely off. I just responded to ticket #333055, a Windows based query, it shows 4:04PM. That could be...
  2. LovesMacs

    Belkin Recorder for iPod

    Has anyone here used the iPod recorder by Belkin? I'd appreciate any feedback. Thanks! Carolyn :-)
  3. LovesMacs

    Recent Bluetooth Firmware Update

    PowerbookG4/10.4.3/1GB/ 768 mb of RAM: I just downloaded the most recent Bluetooth Firmware Udpate, followed the instructions to a tee. At least I tried. The installer indicates that it takes about 15 minutes to install... cool I did that. The blue and white rotating status bar stops after...