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    10.4.2 Server / Active Directory

    I solved the problem. I needed to Unbind and then rebind the server then Join the Kerberos Realm in Server Admin - Open Directory. Then the server become a Domain Member to the Active Directory domain. Thanks, Dave
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    10.4.2 Server / Active Directory

    Hello, I have been trying to get a 10.4.2 Server to be a Domain Member in a Active Directory domain with no luck. I always get an error Unable to write settings (Cannot make the server domain member) If I look in the System Log I see a message Unable to find suitable server. I have also...
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    Workgroup Manager - Unexpected Errors

    I have recently run into a ton of Unexpected Errors while using WGM. We are managing computers by their MAC address and we are managing around 1200 computers with WGM. If I try to move a computer to another list I get a Unexpected Error. If I try to delete a computer I get a Unexpected Error...
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    computer list not showing all computers

    I just had Apple in our school for this issue and seems to be a bug in 10.3 we are managing around 1000 computers and I had all kinds of problems with disapearing computers and the computer list blowing up. We upgraded to 10.4 server yesterday and it seems most of the problems had been...
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    Wgm Mac Address Not Showing In List

    I have recently run into problem with WGM when there has been a mistake made when adding computers to a specified list. When the computers are removed from that list and then added to another list it trashes the list they were removed from. You get a message like Got Unexpected Error Error of...