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    How in the world do I get Pages in iWork to do this simple formula?

    I cannot seem to figure out how to do this in Pages. I have a table. I want to take a number (hours) and multiply it by an amount ($20) which doesn't have a column and insert the total in another column. Can anybody tell me how to do this? When I click in the cell, then go to Formula, I click...
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    Best way to set up backup drive for data?

    I just bought two 2 TB Hitachi's. One I will use for all of my data and the other one for backup. (my main drive is an SSD) Can someone suggest the best solution as to how to configure the backup drive? Should I set it up RAID-1 so it will always mirror the other drive? Or, should I set it up...
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    Which UPS for a MacPro with dual monitors?

    My 8+ year old APC UPS has finally gone kaput after running it with two replacement batteries. Can someone suggest what the best UPS brand/model would be to get for use with a MacPro with dual 27" cinema displays along with an Airport Extreme? Time isn't a huge issue -- something like 5 - 10...
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    Hardware needed to connect dual 27" Cinema Displays to a 2007 MacPro?

    I have a 2007 MacPro and am going to get two 27" Cinema Displays. Since the new displays use mini displayports, they won't connect to my current graphics card. What would be the best (while at the same time, considering price) route to go? Do I need to buy Apple ATI Radeon 5770 @ around $250...
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    Adding an SSD Drive to a MacBook Pro?

    I have a MacBook Pro that I purchased new in Feb 2010. Do I need to buy any additional parts besides the solid-state hard drive to replace the hard-disk drive? Will it simply go in the place where the old hard drive was or do I need to install it where my optical drive is? Can anyone...
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    Anyone know if local Apple stores sell Macs with upgraded RAM?

    I know local Apple stores usually just sell the base model computers. Does anyone know if I could buy a MacBook from a store with more RAM than the base model or would I have to order this online from their website? You'd think since it's such an easy thing to do, that this would be possible...
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    Point hostnames to local dev server using Airport Extreme?

    Is there anyway to set something up in Airport Extreme to point to one of my local webservers? I normally go through and edit /etc/hosts or the hosts file in Windows to point to a local dev site, but I need to be able to reach local URLs using my iPad, which is not...
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    Cost to replace hard drive in iMac?

    Does anyone have an idea how much it would cost to have a hard drive replaced in an iMac (white model) by a professional? It's out of AppleCare, but is this something I could have done at the genius bar? If so, any idea how long it normally takes? (day, week, etc.)
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    Erasing Disk taking 2 1/2 days +??

    I've done this many times and it normally takes a few hours. My wife's iMac is 3 years old and has never been reformatted. About 4 hours ago, I used Disk Utility and selected the option to do One Pass of Writing Zeros (not 7). The estimated time keeps getting longer and longer and now it says 2...
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    Why does right clicking a file then going to "Open with" kill my computer?

    I have a Mac Pro with four processors and 7 GBs of RAM. For months now, whenever I right click a file then hover over "Open with..." it just kills my computer and makes it dreadfully slow for several minutes. I can hear the disk drive going nuts. I just reformatted about 3-4 months and am not...
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    Customize columns in existing playlists in iTunes?

    I have over 200+ playlists in iTunes on my Mac (one for each album). Is there anyway that I can customize one the way I want it (show/hide certain columns, then automatically adjust the width) then apply it to all the other 200+ playlists? I've tried looking for any AppleScript that would do...
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    Anyway to connect to a Mac on my LAN that's connected to a VPN?

    I have a home network with 3 Macs. I need to use one of them to connect to my work's VPN at times. This machine is also hooked up to the printer and whenever it's connected to my work's VPN, nobody can print to it. Does anyone know of a way to make it so it will work the same whether it's...
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    Magic Mouse problems

    I just bought a magic mouse and installed the latest software for the mouse from the Apple downloads page and am running 10.6.1. I've installed the software twice and restarted twice, but whenever I go to Preferences then Mouse it just shows the basic mouse settings. What's the problem? Any...
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    Cannot get AirPort Express to Join Wireless-N Network

    I just bought a new AirPort Express (802.11n / A1264) and would like to use it to play music on my iPod Hi-Fi as well as for BD-Live with my Blu-Ray Player or my Xbox 360. I have two routers -- an older Airport Extreme (cone shaped - for my 802.11g network) and a newer model Airport Extreme for...
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    Blu-ray burner for MacPro

    I am considering purchasing a blu-ray burner for my MacPro. Does anyone know which burners can be used with it? Has anyone here done this before?
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    How to release IP address from ISP on Airport Extreme?

    Is it possible to release the IP address that my ISP has assigned me on my Airport Extreme? I logged in, but couldn't find a way to do it. I know I don't have a static IP address because it changes from time to time. If I just disconnect the power for a few mins then plug it back in I still get...
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    Creating Xbox 360 Backups in OS X

    I have a MacPro with a double layer DVD burner. I've tried using Xbox Backup Creator 2.8 in Windows through Parallels, but Windows is not recognizing my DVD drive. I've attempted to use Toast Titanium 8, Fast DVD Copy, and Disk Utility, but both are showing the disk only has 5.3 MBs (yes...
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    PC's internet is super slow on new Airport Extreme

    I just got a new Airport Extreme and it works great with all of my Macs (no surprise). I have a PC (Vista) with an 802.11g wireless card that's one foot away from my MacPro and three feet away from the Airport Extreme. The internet on my PC is dead slow. Another strange thing is that it...
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    Why is my web server using up so much virtual memory?

    I have two Macs that I'm running Apache on for local web development using nothing but plain html/php (no database). One seems normal and the other seems to use waaaaaaay too much virtual memory. The machine that has 3 GBs of RAM currently has these processes running: The other only has...
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    Why doesn't Safari 3 append .com to domains anymore?

    It looks as though Safari 3 no longer appends the www. and .com to domains when just typing in the main name. For example, typing msnbc used to automatically go to Now it comes up with Verizon's search page. Does anyone know how to fix this? It is extremely annoying and is...