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    Why does such a small % of the population use Macs?

    Incredible - it seems, from this admittedly unscientific poll, that most Mac users are of the IN** type, and perhaps a majority are INT*. I wonder what it means?
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    Mounting Remote Volumes, timeout problem!!!

    I believe this is a setting on the server - to disconnect people after a period of inactivity. The reason I say this is that if you run an AppleShare server, you can set it to disconnect people. Could that be the issue?
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    Help needed : I cannot start up Web Sharing

    This problem, in my experience, is caused by errors in the /etc/httpd/httpd.conf file. What you could do is open the Terminal and type the following: sudo apachectl start And enter your password when prompted. The resulting output should indicate what the problem is.
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    Download The MacOSX Features Guide!

    Heh... I'm not as old as you may think... it so happens that I worked on the tech support staff in my high school for several years, and dealt with quite a lot of old Mac equipment and software. (Ask me about Project Doorstop one of these days ;))
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    Download The MacOSX Features Guide!

    Are you asking whether you can format a floppy as Windows (or DOS, rather) on OS X? Or whether you can format Windows floppies as Mac format? If the former, then I have no idea... the latter definitely. And could you please lay off that Caps Lock key - I'm sure it's starting to feel abused. ;)
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    Download The MacOSX Features Guide!

    Heh... I remember these. Compact Pro was .cpt - an excellent compression utility that competed with Stuffit. I have no idea what .pit is.
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    Classic? Cocoa? Carbon? Term help please!

    I have here the first macintosh network game ever, Bus'd Out, which was released in 1983. Lo and behold, it works beautifully in Classic. How's that for backwards compatibility? ;)
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    creating a package- how?

    I don't think Aussie's trying to create a package (.pkg) - I think he wants a NeXT-style application bundle (.app). The point is that some applications come as a folder, with just the app surrounded by a host of config files, help files, etc, etc, while others are a single application bundle...
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    Best pc emulator.

    Not true. SoftWindows runs in Classic, and according to people who use it, is actually better than VPC4 for some programs (mostly old DOS apps).
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    Movin Documents and Applications to other locations

    I can think of a couple very good reasons to have partitions. 1. To separate OS 9 from OS X. With a single partition OS X is a pain to uninstall. 2. Convenience. This is a big one. Easy backup, easy searching, etc. 3. Separation of multiple OSs including some version of Linux, along with...
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    Timed Random Desktop Pictures are Here

    Here's my problem with DesktopRandomizer... it's slow. I want a different desktop pic with each login. With RandomBackground, I see my new background as soon as the loginwindow goes away; with DesktopRandomizer I have to wait ~10 seconds for the new background, during which time I see the...
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    New? OS X.1 Feature

    Russian is NOT in 10.1. Also, 10.1 does NOT support Cyrillic input. However, the Macintosh Club of St. Petersburg - - is working on Cyrillic input for OS X; they may well release it sooner than Apple does. I don't know.
  14. O port of StarOffice

    AppleWorks 6.2 is an excellent all-in-one app, and it's completely functional and stable. Granted, it may not have some of the high-end features of Office, but then, that's what Office is for. Speaking of which, what do you have against MS products? Office 2001 for Mac is quite a good product...
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    NIS, Mac Manager, and OS X

    Thanks. So X Server has no built-in System Disk utility? I guess it was meant to be started up once, and kept running; it is a server after all. We actually have this running on a Beige Server G3. But anyway, our question remains; why can we not export/import the databses on OS X? It seems...
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    NIS, Mac Manager, and OS X

    I realize that Mac Manager is derived from At Ease. I was hoping to be able to do this with OS X, since we've already gotten it to authenticate logins through the NIS server, and X Server's been giving us trouble. Seeing as OS X appears to have built-in Mac Manager server software (activating...
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    Some Unix Knowledge

    Default shell is tcsh. Others are bash, zsh, csh, um... Couple of others, I think. Most people use tcsh or bash, anyway, so those are the ones that matter.
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    NIS, Mac Manager, and OS X

    We in my school have the following network setup; and NIS server, with the Linux boxes authenticating logins through NIS and the Wintel boxes through Samba. We would like to have the Mac OS boxes do the same. We have figured out how to make OS X authenticate logins via NIS. I believe it is...