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    List of Live Coverage

    What are good websites for live MWSF07 coverage? I'll list them in this post, if you say any... - - - - - -...
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    My page of art....... art?

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    Biiig contest! Test ur Mac NOW!

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    New Forum! (Sugplopp)

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    Bootcamp Switchers

    Maybe a bit early, but you never know. Who has switched because of Bootcamp?
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    Menubar System Items gone...

    Hi, My system items (Volume, Display, etc...) in the menu bar are gone. I only have my self-installed items, which you can see in the screenshot below. (i just noticed that cmd + shift + 4 doesn't work too) Other problems are not connecting to Airport Express & Preferences Pane 'Sound'...
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    Finally Aqua Buttons in Gmail

    I thought it might interest you... :)
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    Union Match DIY iPod Dock
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    Some freak made this. :confused: Also check out his other artwork.
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    Kevin Rose

    He was right last year...
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    Need Confirmation

    I'm pretty sure that Apple will not introduce a new iPod Tuesday. But to be sure, I just need one more confirmation. So I can buy my new (black 30GB) iPod tomorrow! So will they NOT introduce a new iPod?
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    Fun with Remote Desktop

    Neverending screens!
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    ViiV - Mac mini

    This morning I've read in the newspaper that the PC-attached-to-TV market is growing. You don't have to read a newspaper to know that, but ... whatever. They talked about Intel releasing the ViiV, which is especially designed for recording and playing video. I can't find which processor it...
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    American Phone Number...

    Hi, I've had a call this morning by this number: +1 511 8769727 I was not at home, so I couldn't pick up the phone. +1 means that it's a call from America, Canada, Jamaica or some other small countries that are in relation with the USA. It's kind of strange that I have a call from abroad, so...