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    Runs as a breeze on iBook Tangerine

    Hello, quicktime is significantly slower (start up and some glitches regarding replay speed while checking mail, and looks like you can´t replay mpeg vdeos (works fine under OS 9, but for all one i tried under OS X not; he, but´s BETA =8)) Image Processing (tiffany3), creation of...
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    MacOS X Screen Saver?!

    well thats a module for FREESPACE - simple search with Sherlock (I currently can´t remember the URL). There are a lot of cool modules for it out there (OpenGL =8) Regards, Markus
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    Runs as a breeze on iBook Tangerine

    Cool - Cool - Cool !!!!!! Easily installed, runs fine on 96 Mb iBook Tangerine.
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    Hello, I just installed TeXShop - works fine (totally cool, everythings PDF now =8) And i got the tetex-distribution - so far not installed, i try to do this later. But it´s a binary-distribution, therefor i don´t exspect much trouble. Regards, markus
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    Hard Disk Toolkit troubles

    Hello, lost Harddrives seems to happen only to HFS-formatted drives. (?) The partitions are there - you can see and use them e.g. under OS9 from sherlock, or see them in the OS X finder. (But no longer on the desktop) This seems to happen to Hd-Toolkit AND Apple formated drives. So far no...
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    MPEG-Video under Mac OS X PB ?

    Hello everybody out there, i just tried to view some quicktime- and mpeg-videos under OS X PB. Movs worked fine (sometimes a little bit slow), but trying to load a mpeg-file leads to nothing. No Error or any other message (does not matter how one calls the quicktime player). All movies...