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    VPC Test Drive

    i have got Virtual PC version 3, I hate having to boot back into 9.2 everytime i use VPC and i was wondering if you can get the VPC test drive when u only have version 3? i only got VPC 3 because i have an iBook 500 G3 and i heard that Verison 3 works better than 4 on a G3, anyone using the test...
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    Calling All iBook users!

    I was just wondering how everybody if finding using 10.1 on your iBooks, mine has been quite mixed! i am running a iBook 500mhz CD-ROM with 320MB of RAM, using OS X 10.1 ( Build 5L14, was 5G64 but went to 5L14 after the IE and Security updates ) Launch Times 1) AOL build 17b = 4 bounces 2)...
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    10.0.4 Dock Problem

    Hi Guys/Gals I have a problem!!!! my iBook 500 ( CD-ROM, 320 MB ) is playing up!!!! for some reason, when using Mac OS X 10.0.4 sometimes when i launch an app, it launches fine but the icon does not show in the dock! this seems to happen alot with Mail, but has been known to happen alot with...