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    Localization question

    1) Reboot in os 9 2) Look for a file named ".GlobalPreferences.plist" in your USER's preferences, not root's preferences!It must be there: /Users/ "youraccount folder"/Library/Preferences/.GlobalPreferences.plist 3) Make sure you have a copy of this file in a secure place !!!!!!!!!! 4) Now...
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    Internet explorer bugs?

    when i re install os X this bugs disapear. I think IE was not correctly installed, but i don't know exactly why... sorry for my bad english
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    Microsoft outlook

    hi, i have MS outlook 5 and i haven't encountered any problem in classic mode using a cable connection with a DHCP server.
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    what about ATI's Radeon for G4Cube?

    hi, 2 weeks ago i ordered a cube withe a radeon, throught the apple store.But the guys frome the apple store told me that the radeon doesn't work because of bugs with the system. I work especially with 3D softwares so i need this card. But i order the cube with ati rage pro 'cause i need a...
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    Internet explorer bugs?

    Hi, Iwould like to know if someone encounters those problems in IE 5: there's a problem launching the quicktime plugin. the flash plugin doesn't work so i'm not able to view animations is it a problem with IE or with me? is it possible to re-install IE 5 properly? thanks for...