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  1. Alex

    US iPhone to Germany then back?

    I have a unique question for you all... I purchased a iPhone when they first came out, when I was home on leave from Germany. When I'm back in Germany, is it possible to use their service natively? I don't want an international roaming package or anything like that... I'm guessing the...
  2. Alex


    I have to nominate Pod2Go. Creator: Kainjow Software URL: This app rocks. You take your iPod with you everywhere, sometimes its not appropriate to be jamming to music. Use Pod2Go to read up on latest mac news, world news, email... the list seems endless...
  3. Alex

    Mac mini 1GB ram wont work!

    Okay, So i bought my 1.42GHz Mac mini, and was trying to save money by buying ram on eBay... Yeah I know, never again will I do this. And yes I know i dont have a warenty anymore... Moving on... I bought this...
  4. Alex

    Apple drops BTO Mac mini prices

    Well seems like Apple was listening. Still $325 is WAY too much for ram, I suggest The one bonus I see in this is the upgrade from a 4x SuperDrive to the 8x... that option has me wondering if i want to BTO mine or just go pick it up in the store.
  5. Alex

    Attention All MacWorld Attendees is looking for anyone going to MacWorld willing to take some pictures and or write a little about what things were like. So any of you lucky Mac users are going to the expo and would like to help us out, we are looking for Pictures of anything, the keynote, the cool products and...
  6. Alex

    Exclusive Insider News - iBox

    Last night someone sent us an email with detailed knowledge of some kind of interactive tv system project at Apple. We're still looking into this, seeing what we can find out... We've posted the email as it was sent to us only leaving out his email address. You can find it here...
  7. Alex

    How many of us have A.D.D. or A.D.H.D?

    I know a few of you have it, now lets see how many admit it! I think there is some kind of link, the think different "poem" is almost a definition or close parallel to someone with ADD and how they think. There has been many Doctors and books that suggest that Albert Einstein and Beethoven...
  8. Alex

    We're looking for writers!

    Hey all, I've been asked by Scott to gather a group of writers to start posting articles in a new forum we plan on opening soon. Right now we are trying finding volunteers who would be interested in posting editorials, how to's, reviews and other Mac related articles. While we are taking...
  9. Alex

    Using a Pocket PC in Mac OS X

    Okay, Basicly, I want a Pocket PC to beable to work on school papers and what not in study hall or on the fly. I like it for Pocket Office, and what not. SO, I know I can sync my Pocket PC with MissingSync, but how do I install programs if they are .exe. I don't really want to have to...
  10. Alex

    Sony DigitalCamera

    Digital Still Camera DSC-P51 Its in brand new condition.. I dont think it has any chips or anything.. if it does, its not noticeable right now... I have about 3-4 memory sticks of 16 MB and one stocker witch I think is like 8MB... I have all the original items.. Box, docs, cords... I...
  11. Alex

    Looking for a Programmer.

    Hi, I just had an idea. Basicly its a tool/game to teach yourself how to type faster. I don't really want to give away the whole idea but, it would need to know how to play a song, and find lyrics. I really think this is a cool idea, and I will share it with who ever contacts me about...
  12. Alex

    What do Forum/BB scripts lack?

    Okay, calling all webmasters: If you are running PHPBB, OpenBB, VB, ect... or Just use the software (meaning like you are now, as a user), what features/things should be added? What do you like, What dont you like, what should be added... Im THINKING, about coding my own, its come to a...
  13. Alex

    Indigo iMac DV 400 for Fix/Parts

    Heres the deal, It needs a new logic board, but otherwise its in great condition. 20 gig Apple HD 192 MB Airport Card installed. I have all the original boxes. Im not really looking for anything major, I know its not worth much. Give me a price, you can always part it out on ebay...
  14. Alex

    Dead iBook, DC / Powerboard issue?

    history: My iBook started not being able to be charged or powered by the power adapter. I found out that the power board, had been damaged, that is, the pins insided the actual board were broken. So I bought a new powerboard, installed it and it doesnt work... It still does not power the...
  15. Alex

    Fav. Christmas song...

    Whats everyone's fav. Christmas song... not a Christmas type, then whats your fav winter song... I don't know.... Mine is : The Wexford Carol I only know about it from The Irish Tenors holiday cd... maybe they are the only ones to sing it.. I don't know, but I like it...
  16. Alex


    This forum is for submitting answers and tutorials for common quesions, not for asking questions -ksv It took a bit of time to clean up our archive, adding [HOWTO] or [FAQ] depending on what it was... so we want you to do the same... -> BEFORE YOU POST <- Decide if its an FAQ or a How...
  17. Alex

    Wolfenstein Website!

    hey guy's, Most of you have played the WolfMP demo and like it... So I got the Idea to build a Wolfensteine MP website, I'd like to have some of you come and post a message or two! The site is Please sign up and join/start some discussions! Thanks in advance!
  18. Alex


    Anyone want ?
  19. Alex

    DesignCrowd Forum

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to point you all to the DesignCrowd Forum. This is our new forum for all designers, or even the wannabes (I'm one too). At this forum, you can discuss anything dealing with design, whether its graphic design, web design, applications, favorite designs, wanted designs...
  20. Alex

    Welcome to DesignCrowd

    Hi guys, many of you know me as the Volunteer Coordinator, but guess what... I like designing stuff... OOOOh Yeah. So, I came up with the idea to have a spot for you other designers, a place where we can discuss web design, graphic design, graphic programs, html snips and, ect. Ask your...