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  1. Browni

    Remote Login?

  2. Browni

    MSN Now Advertising !

  3. Browni

    "BootCamp is LAME" - Venkat Pullena

    *round of applause*
  4. Browni

    Can i change this?

    I would like to change the default unzip directory of OSX zip archives to the desktop instead of the current folder, how?
  5. Browni

    Itunes Timed Playlist

    Brillant, now how do i add 3 songs (adverts) in every 20 minuites (quater past and quater to )? Some form of script?
  6. Browni

    Itunes Timed Playlist

    Im looking for a way to create a playlist that will last a certin amount of time for example 1 hour. I would also like to add perticalr MP3's into the playlist every 20 minuites. Can it be done?
  7. Browni

    Skech up to Pov Ray convter?

    Ive just started using a 3d Modler called Skech Up ( and i would like to know if i can convter the model to pov ray? Any helps good :) Adam
  8. Browni

    Creating UT2k4 Mods

    Were would i get the stuff from? I know the program is called Unreal Edit, any ideas gt it from?
  9. Browni

    Creating UT2k4 Mods

    Ive just bought Unreal 2k4 for my ibook, and im wondering how i would go about creating a MOD for it? not somthing as large as counterstrinke but somthing smaller How would i go about it on the Mac
  10. Browni

    Cant Sync Palm E2 with Mac using iSync

    Thanks Fryke, but i have small problem, it my palm dosnt sync with Plam desktop, it reports a connection problem. Plus it take a really long time.
  11. Browni

    Cant Sync Palm E2 with Mac using iSync

    Hey guys, long time no post. Ok I have just got my new ibook, (nice and shiney) along with it got a Plam E2. Im trying to sync my Calender made in iCal, with the Palm, Ive enabled Palm support (eventually) in iSync, so i can see the Palm, but when I click sync, i get the messege about...
  12. Browni

    Microsoft Windows Vista to include "Gadgets"

    i thought gadgets were stand alone apps. where as widgets require a runtime engine be that Konfab or Dash. AFAIK the only people to do 'Gadgets' are DesktopX Pro. but i could be wrong.
  13. Browni

    iPod Nano: A Dream Come True!

    Amie, I was don't worry.
  14. Browni

    FS/T: 15" Apple Powerbook G4 1.5Ghz/512/80/IMMACULATE CONDITION!!

    how much would you be willing to sell this for? I could offer £200 GBP.
  15. Browni

    iPod Nano: A Dream Come True!

    kick it hard enough and it will :D
  16. Browni

    Ichat Av

    do you have another comoputer with a DVD drive? or another Mac? if yes you could try sharing the DVD drive over a Local lan.
  17. Browni

    Built In Camera's

    I like it! i think it would work, but as fryke said, do people want it? depends on the ownership of isight?