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  1. JetwingX

    01:02:03 - 04/05/06

    it was brought to my attention that earlier today, 01:02:03 - 04/05/06 occurred. kind of an interesting Number event thing
  2. JetwingX

    Who's going to the Expo?

    Just wanna see who is going to the expo. I intend to be there on Tuesday(10) and Wednesday(11) If anyone else is interested, maybe we could do a meet up.
  3. JetwingX

    UT2004, Mods and their related files

    Alright, I have been frustrated to no end with installing Mods for UT 2004. On the PC side, they can just pop open a .umod file and be on their way. from what i have found for the mac, it's damn bloody impossible. I can't seem to find any good tutorials/walkthoughs that work for mac and the...
  4. JetwingX

    NBC now on iTMS

    New shows from NBC Universal (NBC, SciFi, and USA) Shows Law & Order, the office, Surface, Monk, Battlestar Galactica, The Tonight show and Vintage shows from the 50's-80's. 2 down, CBS, Fox and the WB to go
  5. JetwingX

    What's that iPod Video dock...

    why do i only see an ad?
  6. JetwingX

    new look

    Looks almost like web 2.0 maybe a web 1.75 :3 but i like it a lot none the less
  7. JetwingX

    iMac G5 Sleep Light Update

    i didn't find this anywhere but: there is also an iPhoto 5.0.4 update which was slightly mentioned in another thread
  8. JetwingX

    The Brighter Side of WWDC: Podcasting in iTunes

    All i heard steve say, was that it was coming. i didn't see a when. (or did i just completely miss that?) Anyways, what do you all think now that you will be able to download podcasts for free in one easy, simple place?
  9. JetwingX

    "POP" goes the Gmail

    i seem to get s some what spotty performance for g-mail's POP3 server. is this the same for anyone else (not being able to sent gmail through or mail2)?
  10. JetwingX

    Explorer RSS Feed

    it's funny, they make you think IE has RSS (to compete with safari) but it is only an RSS feed he he it fooled me at first (i thought they released IE with RSS) but what news is there for IE anyhow?
  11. JetwingX

    Spotlight & 10.4 server

    How is Spotlight going to work in a server environment?
  12. JetwingX

    FIX!- Safari 1.3 and 10.3.9 Crash

    Alright guys, After surfing apples discussion site i discovered what the problem is SIMBL plugins for safari (Acidsearch, GrowlSafari, SafariSource and others) are incompatible with the new update. To fix this problem go to /Library/Application Support/ and pull out the SIMBL folder (i say...
  13. JetwingX

    10.3.8 makes UT 2004 run like a slide show

    i installed 10.3.8 and everything in UT is chopy and unplayable any ideas?
  14. JetwingX

    2nd Place at MWSF Unreal Tournament ^^

    i placed 2nd @ the UT2k4 tournament. We got to play a LAN game between 16 people on a 30" screen and i don't think i can ever go back to anything smaller
  15. JetwingX

    Apple site update w/ tsunamis

    apple has changed the front page of the site to have links to places like the red cross and unicef (I have screen shots if needed)
  16. JetwingX

    Macworld 2005

    24 days and counting I am going to be going ^^. Anyone else? (Ed :D ?) anyone want to make any predictions? Definitely going to be speed boosts in the G5 and if we don't see G5 Powerbooks i think they are going to get a speed boost too I think we might see Final Cut Pro 5 and maybe a live...
  17. JetwingX

    Anyone use Skype?

    If you do, what do you think about it (i haven't gotten a chance to test it yet but it looks interesting)
  18. JetwingX

    Running Broadcast Titles From a Mac

    Hey, at my school we have a small broadcast studio, and i was wondering if it was posable to run live titles from the mac. we have FCP HD and live type, but i am wondering if it is posable to run it from final cut, another program, or if it is posable at all. thanks in advance
  19. JetwingX

    iMac DV+ Nearing Death Need Help Getting it Running Again

    Alright after 5 years, my trusty old iMac is starting to die. It started with the CD drive not having enough oomph to eject CDs. And yesterday it really started. First, the internal monitor wouldn't start up (fortunatly i had an external monitor to hook up) then onec the monitor went back to...