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  1. ApeintheShell

    Apple Tablet

    You need at least gigabyte to run Snow Leopard. This is going to be a lite version of the MacBook Air with a 64 GB SSD drive. Integrated graphics, basic core 2 duo, 802.11ng, and some apps and games preloaded. Apple will rewrite iLife and so on to prove it can be done. Oooohs and Ahhhs from the...
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    Classic 9 Won't Open??

    Sorry I don't think the iPod Touch recognized the word , "option"
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    Classic 9 Won't Open??

    Well there is a solution. Get an external hard drive if you do not already own one. Backup all your files via a third party app like Mac Backup. Do a clean install and under customize check "install Mac OS 9" drivers. That should help when you go to install Mac OS 9 and games for it. Mac OS X...
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    You know Return To Dark Castle, or you don't?

    If only we had more iPhone games on the App Store that were this visually exciting. I used to think Castlevania knockoff when I heard about this Mac game. After watching some of the YouTube videos I wonder why we haven't seen a version for the iPhone or at least a 3D version like Ghost n Goblins...
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    iBook ClamShell

    I was going to get an iBook clamshell for the above reasons mentioned. Then the iPod Touch was released and that changed everything. The best thing about it is I have a mobile device that actually does not make me look like a goof. I have sold more people on the iPod Touch than the Newton ever...
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    The decline of emulation... the loss of history

    I think this was a much larger issue a couple of years ago when Mac OS 9 was critical to individuals and business. After they accepted that Mac OS X was here to stay Apple was able to convince developers to make software Mac OS X only. Emulation does not require the update of an operating...
  7. ApeintheShell

    HP Touchsmart setting the bar for Apple?

    When Apple releases a mutitouch iMac it will most likely Have the same design as the current model. The only difference would be the stand would be more adjustable to accomadate a touchscreen. Perhaps more like the iMac g4 where one could bring it close to oneself. Ps. No one can drive a...
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    Falcon 4.0

    here is a forum dedicated to the game where you might find more info: later
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    Falcon 4.0

    Did you run it in Classic mode? Because Mac OS X 10.5 does not support that mode anymore. I have looked on the net and they suggest trying "Open Falcon 4.5". Unfortunetly, I could not find a link for the download but they say it works on Windows via Apple's Bootcamp software or in Mac OS X.
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    PS2 Eye Toy for Mac OSX webcam

    The last time I used Macam with the EyeToy it only worked in Yahoo IM. They could see my face but for some reason the mic did not work in Yahoo.
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    college students embrace mac

    It has a lot to do with promotion by the computer companies and the price of the software. Many people do not know that the Mac can run Microsoft Office because the only thing that is demonstrated on campus is iLife. Students are more likely to use a Mac if it is positioned in all the computer...
  12. ApeintheShell

    Best mail app for OSX? is hands down the best email interface I have used. I don't have to look for things and my files make that swoosh sound when they are sent. I also use webmail when I have no access to the Mac. However, this is proven to be annoying because it will say no new messages even though I just...
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    Larger capacity iPod touch/iPhone

    All it takes is a visit to wikipedia. I thought you knew that by now.
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    For 2008, I wish that Apple...

    I bet they have people who accidently send you a refurbished Motorola ROXR phone with iTunes and an iBook Clamshell one of the staff found on eBay.
  15. ApeintheShell

    For 2008, I wish that Apple...

    I wish they would design their computers rather than feel inspired by the iPod design. For example, in 2005 the iMac G5 was from the creators of the iPod whereas in 2007 the iMac was from the creators of the iPhone. I just need to see the iMac or Macbook change beyond technical revisions.
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    110% Positive Feedback Only!!!

    1) I never wait for a "Start Menu Bar" to load all my applications, etc. when I restart the Mac. 2) Six spaces opened for my iTunes, WOW, email, web browsing, Pages/Keynote, and YouTube. 3) There is always something worth finding on the Mac.
  17. ApeintheShell

    MacBook Air - What's the point?

    People need lots of storage for their laptop. Especially when they are making an iMovie of their dog and need the remix of "Who Let The Dogs Out" while they tell you all about in the middle seat. Hmm, maybe that was a commercial.
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    Virtual 10.4 in 10.5?

    Currently Parallels does not support Mac OS emulation. I wish it did for Mac OS 9 but I do not use it as often as I wish. Your best bet is to reformat your drive and install both systems on the hard drive. You will have to select which OS to boot into each time. I am not sure about Fusion but I...
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    Apple Movie Rentals - BAD IDEA!

    Sorry I am in a bad mood. Short version: don't pirate iTunes movies using third party software.