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  1. Zammy-Sam

    European mac-user are more convinced!

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    Monsterpictures: 4GigaPixel

    Just read about the GigaPxl Project and thought it might interest some of the ppl here.
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    iCal issues

    Since a system crash my refuses to run for more than maybe 10 secs after the calendar showed up. I get a crash report as you can find attached. I moved the files, and the out of the...
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    Motorola phones and isync 2.0

    Did anyone try to sync a motorola cell phone with tigers new isync 2.0? I am using the v635 and can't sync anything or anyhow (usb, bluetooth) under panther. If it would work with isync 2.0 I had a good reason for upgrading to tiger. Thanks!
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    European AppleStores down!

    Will we finally see an iMac and eMac update?
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    atheros based wifi adapters in tiger

    Does anyone know or did anyone test whether atheros based wireless lan adapters (such as d-link dwl g650) using the pc card slots are supported in tiger? Right now I am using orangeware drivers on panther and I have the feeling that these will no more work with tiger. Thanks for your input.
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    RPM error during linux installation

    Ok, this is not related to macs, but I know there are some nix-geeks (at least one ;)) around who could help. During the installation of SUSE7 on a pc I get a RPM error. The installation proceeds like there was nothing but later I can't get the kde run. I was wondering if RPM has anything to...
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    Security Update 2005-003

    Check out SU
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    MacOS Wireless Adapter Compatibility List Hope they will keep this list up2date, making it a lot easier for mac users to buy third party network equipment rather than the slightly more expensive apple airport items.
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    VLC by is the one and only player for almost any audio/video source. And it's free..
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    TinkerTool by Marcel Bresink allows you to access user settings built into Mac OS X that cannot be controlled by the standard "System Preferences" application. The best feature is to unhide hidden files and folders and quit the
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    Skype by Skype uses P2P (peer-to-peer) technology to connect you to other users to talk and chat. You can even access the regular phone line at a very decent price. Thank skype I was able to convince my fiancee to marry me and still have some money left (she is living in Croatia and calling her...
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    SilverKeeper by LaCie is a freeware application that automates Backups to external storage devices like hard disks optical disks, and other removable storage devices that have IDE, ATAPI, SCSI, USB, or Firewire interfaces. Essentially any read/write device that can mount on the Macintosh Desktop...
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    SharePoints by HornWare is probably the best app for sharing folders to the local are network.
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    Desktop Manager

    Desktop Manager by Richard Wareham is a great app to get several virtual desktops that will reduce the mess after a regular working day. I can quickly zap between the desktops, which are dedicated to special jobs using the wonderful cube effect.
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    LaunchBar by Objective Development Software GmbH. This application gives you quick access to folders, apps, ppl in your address book, urls, mail-addresses... Without launchbar, my regular work would have taken much more time. I love it!