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  1. eric halfabee

    Can't turn off Bluetooth!

    I can't turn off my Bluetooth, either through the menu bar or from Preferences. It shows that it is on but the check box and the menu item is grayed out. I have tried starting in Safe mode, created a new user and updated permissions and all that stuff but to no avail. I've have come across...
  2. eric halfabee

    Odd Page Outs – bad RAM??

    Hi, I know that there are many posts and articles on memory handling especially Page Ins/Outs and I generally understand what is going on but I think I'm having some strange behavior with my MBP. I have a 17" MBP mid 2009 model with 4GB RAM running 10.6.2. I run Adobe CS4 applications most of...
  3. eric halfabee

    How do I get OSX to read a XBox 360 hard drive?

    Hi Guys Not sure if this is the right place for this question. Anyway I have a Xbox 360 120GB hard drive and cannot get it to mount in OSX 10.5.5, it keeps coming up that it cannot be recognized etc. I was wondering if anyone knows of a way/software solution to get it to mount. I don't...
  4. eric halfabee

    Odd behavior of dashboard widgets

    Gday Don't know what I did but my widgets are misbehaving. Parts of the widgets are not displaying properly and are misaligned (see attached image) especially on the 'done' button when changing the options and very noticeable on the clock widget with the clock hands moving or disappearing...
  5. eric halfabee

    OS X naming ??

  6. eric halfabee

    This is very cool

  7. eric halfabee

    Windows Bonjour IM software ??

    Hi Does anyone know of any Windows IM software that works with bonjour, so I can use iChat on a Mac-PC network? Cheers eric
  8. eric halfabee

    Cannot install 10.2 getting this on running installation

    Hi Im having a wee bit of a problem installing or trying to install OS X on a G4 AGP machine. I manged to get 10.0.3 from a CD installed but when I have tried other CDs (10.2 and 10.3) I keep getting this when the Mac reboots and tries and loads the installer. Any suggestions. Thanks in...
  9. eric halfabee

    Messed up Creation and Modified dates with files and folders

    Hi all Im getting some strange behaviour with my modification and creation dates in the finder etc – quite a few are starting to show 2015 or 1976 etc and I can't for the life of me work out whats going on, it was OK up to today. I have checked the Date & Time pref pane and repaired...
  10. eric halfabee

    Looking for good Video iChat compatible PC app

    Hi all I'm writing this from my new iMac G5 after finally opening the purse strings and parting way a with a few bob or two – with a little help from my father, (my last computer was a PowerComputing 150 Mhz beast that I sold last year for about US$100). The reason for his help was that I...
  11. eric halfabee

    White (or gray depending on monitor) mailbox folders in Mail

    Hi A work colleague has something strange (to me at least) happening with Mail. She has created some mailboxes and some of them are white, and when she has transfered mail into them using the menu, the mail messages have disappeared and she cannot undo what she has done. Much appreciated...
  12. eric halfabee

    Would love to see this title come out on the Mac What chance think you? eric
  13. eric halfabee

    Is it possible to hijack my DSL service...

    At work we have 9 Macs connected to the web via a Nokia DSL router and use a service called Jetstream (just their fancy name for DSL) from our ISP Xtra. We have a monthly limit of 3 GB now 5 Gb as we keep going over and thats why this thread. Our usage always goes over the said amount and...
  14. eric halfabee

    When are Apple going to fix this window focus bug

    If it is a bug or a oversight but I just can't get over this little annoyance - which may have been covered before and apologies if so. Anyway here's my screenshot of the annoying thing. I would have thought that if I was in Freehand (or any other app for that matter) I wouldn't see any...
  15. eric halfabee

    Anyone heard of "Lazy S" font??

    Hi Im doing this Graphics book for work and the author is making a lot of references to specific fonts ie Bauhaus etc, and wants me to style the names with the relevant typeface but I cannot find this one she is refering to called "Lazy S". Anyone seen this (if it exists) and can show me what...
  16. eric halfabee

    Full Spectrum Warrior

    Now here's a game that I would love to see come out on the Mac. Here's wishing :rolleyes: What you guys think? eric
  17. eric halfabee

    Anyone speak/read Russian?

    Had a email from a unrecognised source. This email contained a file called text.src. I opened up the attachement in Word and went passed all the stuff that made no sense to me and came across this at the end...
  18. eric halfabee

    Anyone from Australia / New Zealand received InDesign CS upgrade

    Hi everyone I ordered the InDesign CS upgrade back in November 2003 and I am still awaiting to receive it from my local Mac (MagnumMac in NZ) store. They have the full version but not the upgrade. I'm wondering if anyone from Australia/New Zealand has received their InDesign CS upgrade (and...