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    resetting finder folder display

    When displaying the contents of a folder as a list, some folders have all folders within that folder displayed opened up (see screenshots) I can close all folders, but when I open the enclosing folder up later on, the contents are displayed again with all folders open! how do i make os x...
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    pc card bus goes to sleep too

    I have a mouse powering up through my pc card slot on my powerbook g4. When my computer goes to sleep, it stops feeding throught the pc card slot. Can i change this? powerbook g4 15ii FW800 OS 10.4.10
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    power failure on powerbook g4 15ii

    my poweradapter stops feeding after a while, it starts working after plugging it in and out of the wall socket. I know ihave to reset something like the pram but i forgot the trick. I was something about restting the battery. can anyone help me? thx
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    Mail refuses to quit

    After the last security update, my computer got messed up so i reinstalled the OS (10.4.9 powerbook g4) But still Mail refuses to quit. I killed the prefs file, but it did not help. Is there anything else i can do to restore the app?
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    setting up the Linksys WRT54GL

    I have trouble setting up the Linksys WRT54GL wireless router. Target: multiple computers get internet through DHCP, logging in with password on visible network. current setup is WPA personal with network name public. This configuration is very unstable, with connection dropping off. Trouble...
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    Setting as default viewer for Safari

    Normally pdf's get opened within the Safari browser window with Apple's Preview app. Recently I installed Acrobat 8.0. Since then pdf's get opened in the Safari browser window with acrobat. I don't want to use acrobat but Preview. How can I change it back? Thx Thx
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    connect to server always so sloooow

    Trying to connect to other Apple computers on a LAN, using either airport or a direct ethernet link, is always a annoyingly slow procedure. Computers show up in the lists only after minutes, and creating the actual connection produces an almost eternally spinning ball. It sometimes takes ages to...
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    2 desktop icons when saving files from any app

    When saving a file from ANY application, two desktop icons appear in the left column. Opening a regular finder window only shows one desktop icon. This second desktop icon is only there when saving. I cannot save to this second desktop. How can i get rid of this second icon? I ran MainMenu...
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    stuffit refuses to open .zip file

    I have a .zip file that seems corrupted (that is, stuffit refuses to open it, error code -40) does anyone a way to unzip the file and/or alternative for stuffit?
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    what model cd/dvdplayers fit in a powerbook g4 15ii aluminium

    what model cd/dvdplayers fit in a powerbook g4 15ii aluminium? mine is broken: MATSHITA CD-RW CW-8122 are there alternatives? Machine Name: PowerBook G4 15" Machine Model: PowerBook5,2 CPU Type: PowerPC G4 (1.1) Number Of CPUs: 1 CPU Speed: 1 GHz L2 Cache (per CPU): 512...
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    Mail app connectivity problems only solved after computer restart

    Sometimes mail refuses to receive andor send mail. The only thing that solves the problem is a full computer restart. All settings (mail settings and network settings) have been unchanged for a year now. Problems occur since a month or so, and where present before the latest system...
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    attaching alarms to birthdays

    is it possible to attach an alarm to a birthday (just like normal appointments)?
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    connectivity dropouts

    I have this strange troubles that specific addresses are unreachable, say or a specific article on this site. These addresses have been reached and accessible sometimes just minutes before. Also some ports for getting mail seem closed or the server unreachable in mail (port 110 eg)...
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    create new colors from codes

    i am looking for a simple app to find colors, like the option you have in photoshop or illustrator. Say you have a color. to get a variant, i c&p the code, say #aacb23, in the photoshop color picker window and tweak it a little to get a different version of the color. But it's a bit silly...
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    Mail sucks generally and rules don't work

    i want to send an autoreply to all new senders who send mail to a specific address. The next time they send a message they should not get an autoreply. So my rule setup is (see screenshot): if all the following conditions are met: to - is equal to - + sender is not in my...
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    switching 'recommended applications' to 'all applications'

    When opening a file, sometimes you want to use a specific application (say open a .jpg file with BBedit instead of preview). Do do so, i right click/ ctrl-click a file --->(contextual menu) select 'Open with' --->select 'Other...' ---> (window) Choose application and then I always get the...
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    installing windows gadgets in dashboard and v.v.

    Just curious... those windows guys are developing this thing called Sidebar for Windows Vista, and it works very similar to Dashboard, the widgets (they call them gadgets) are html javascript based just like widgets and konfabulator widgets. So, it would like to try to install windows...
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    stickies: changing the prefs for spelling

    In stickies the spelling check is switched on by default. I always turn it off only to find it switched on the next time i start up the app. Is there a way to switch it off permanently or to make these apple apps remember this preference??
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    Filevault prevents saving files and folder creation

    I have problem using filevault - switched on, it disallows me to create folders on the desktop, does not allow me te create new bookmarks in safari, locks up Mail etc etc. how can i fix this or create settings so that i can still use filevault without limiting my options?