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    iWeb... trying access project after reinstalling Mac OS X...

    how do I do this? It's all updated, I have all the site files, except for the Domain file... Can I edit the site? It's my own site, it's currently online, but how do I make iWeb recognise it? Thanks
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    iTunes keeps quitting

    Most of the time when I try to play a song on the iTunes store it quits. I'm using the latest OS, iTunes 7, and the only thing I've done recently is updated Quicktime, and now it keeps quitting. I've deleted plist files... what else do I do? Thanks
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    Microsoft Messenger won't open...

    Hi, I'm using a Macbook 1.83Ghz with 10.4.7, and I've been using Microsoft Messenger for a while. I've tried Adium, Fire and Proteus, and although I generally prefer them, they just don't have the interface I want. To a degree, Microsoft Messenger does. But that's another topic. For some...
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    Can someone send me the Safari application in Tiger?

    Greetings, I am having problems with Safari on 10.4.6. I've tried EVERYTHING! Except this, it might work. If someone could PM me or something with their AIM/MSN handle, and thus send me the application that would be great. Apple does not allow you to download it for some reason.
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    WTS: iPod 60GB White with all accessories + extra cable + CD of video content *UK*

    Hi, I am selling the iPod because I like the new U2 iPod. I also don't need 60GB. I'll miss the 20 hours battery life, but I just prefer the 30GB U2 iPod. I'm selling the white iPod (9 months warranty left) for £220ish, it has scratches, but I'll cover the cost for any scratch removers. I'll...
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    iWeb... publishing progress?

    Hi, I am using iWeb 1.1.1 on Mac OS X 10.4.6 After it tells me that the publishing will continue in the background, a little circle next to the Site name starts to show progress, like a pie chart, each segment becomes white. Then it completes, and nothing happens. It just remains like that...
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    FS: 12 inch Powerbook 1.33Ghz/512mb RAM/60GB HD/ UK

    Hi, I have a Powerbook here that I'd like to sell. I brought it for £1219. It has suffered from the "Ink blot syndrome", in which there are black marks on the bottom left and right of the Powerbook when opened (thus to the left and right of the trackpad), it is missing the F10 key (although it...
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    What hard 7200rpm hard disks would work in a Macbook?

    I know little about this. I've learned that the Macbook's HD is very easy to remove and on Ars Technica the reviewer managed to replace the HD with a 120GB 7200RPM hard disk. What HD would one use? They come in all sorts of sizes. I'm trying to contact the reviewer, but thanks anyway.
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    What size Intel notebooks do you think Apple will sell?

    We already have a 15 and 17. Do you think we'll get a 12 inch Macbook Pro? And what about the iMacbooks? The iiBooks, I mean, the iBook replacements :p, do you think they will be offered in the 12 and 14 sizes like the iBooks? I'm still thinking about what to get. I might get a 15 inch...
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    Firefox fails to load any pages

    I am using 10.4.6 Firefox simply won't load a page, it just times out. I'm using Camino but I want to try out Firefox. Thanks.
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    Video version of Audio Hijack?

    I've been trying to find some videos of Elliott Smith performing live but I can't find any. If anyone knows of any for sale in the UK that would be great information to pass on. But otherwise is there such a tool that can copy the video from a source? The video is played through a flash...
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    Is it possible to set download programs to download onto an external HD?

    Basically I want it so that when I plug the HD, and launch a download program, it downloads straight to the external HD. Can this be done? 10.4.6.
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    Anyone wanna suggest a rought value for a powerbook?

    Here is what I might sell: Powerbook 12 inch 1.33Ghz 60GB HD, 512mb Ram. It has 10.4.5. The battery life is about 4 hours with airport switched on, bluetooth switched off. I might throw in an Apple keyboard and Mighty Mouse. Here's why: It's damaged, immensely in the cosmetic side. It...
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    What's the situation with the Apple Remote?

    I'm well aware that the menu button on the Apple remote does not work for iPod. When will they fix this? How? Do we have to send the iPods in? Finally, does anyone know where I can find a user guide for the remote? I received mine from Apple as a form of compensation (along with a dock...
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    Still can't get rid of Adium X completely...

    Don't get me wrong, I like Adium, I just can't install themes because it won't forget previous modifications to the appearence, so they overlap the themes. I'm using 10.4.5, had this problem since Panther. I've trashed all the files I could find; aren't there any files in the general Library...
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    All my internet browsers are dying.

    Hey, I'm using Mac OS X 10.4.5. This problem has been present since 10.4.3 Basically, Safari will load the homepage, and then freeze with the spinning beachball, etc, and then close. I've trashed plists, etc, not done a thing. Same goes for Shiira, Camino, Firefox, Ominweb, Internet...
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    Meh... Apple...

    Just needed a rant. My iPod video 60GB died 2 months after purchase. I called Apple, took them an hour to agree that it was dead (and I thought being unable to turn the damn thing on was enough) and they agreed to send a replacement. Then my dad's iPod Photo died for the 5th time. So I...
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    iPhoto won't recognise my filename updates.

    Mac OS X 10.4.4, iPhoto 5. I realised I had a lot of photos that were in their raw state (i.e. DSC01029, PIC001923) so I thought I should rename them all. I've done that, in the Finder. Some photos had already been renamed. So I go to iPhoto, select all the photos that are called DSC*****...