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  1. Damrod

    Leopard ServerAdmin buggy?

    I noticed that in the Leopard ServerAdmin, some lists are really buggy. Has anyone else expirienced similar issues? In particular I noticed that the list for the SoftwareUpdateService is really trippy, as you get all kinds of funky results when sorting the list for release date or name. You...
  2. Damrod

    Warcraft 3 ROC/TFT: Universal binary released

    The waiting is over, just spotted this over at Versiontracker: Grab it while it's hot folks ;)
  3. Damrod

    Solution for Warcraft 3 DivX problem

    I think I found a solution for the problem War3/DivX: Some had the same problem, when the DivX codec is installed, Warcraft 3 refuses to start or quits randomly. Once the Codec files are removed from the QT folder within Library. So, if you want to play Warcraft and want to use DivX, you...
  4. Damrod

    Havoc engine finally coming to the Mac

    Read for yourself. Thanks to Blizzard as it seems. MAybe all the Half-Life 2-heads can hope again?
  5. Damrod

    Problems when opening/saving files to server

    Hello there I ran into a problem that I could basically find next to no information about via Google, so I hope maybe someone here has an idea what the cause might be: I work on an NFS share at work, and edit files with Smultron on said share. Recently a message keeps popping up stating "A...
  6. Damrod

    FetchArt: AppleScript missing?

    So after re-installing Tiger recently I gathered the software I use everyday. After downloading the last version of FetchArt and installing it, I can not use it. Somehow the installer does not install the AppleScript to call FetchArt from iTunes. My question basically is: Can someone post the...
  7. Damrod

    automount: problems connecting server

    Hello there! Currently I experiment with the automounter of OS X 10.4, with the aim to create something like a StartupItem that calls a script startin the automounter with a set list of NFS shares to watch. Basically it runs, but when I try to acces the share, I get the error "Operation not...
  8. Damrod

    Vector graphics software for OS X?

    Ok, so I want to design my own T-Shirts, but in order to get them printed I need vector graphics as "blueprint" for it. Is there a recommendable vector graphics application (besides Illustrator, which is... well, expensive) for OS X? Thanks for any input :)
  9. Damrod

    Nano question: Sync with USB 1.1?

    So I'm considering getting an iPod Nano. I have a G4 MDD, which means it has FireWire and USB 1.1 The Specs by Apple for the Nano state that it syncs with USB 2.0. Does that mean it is not compatible with USB 1.1? Is there maybe an adapter for FireWire, or do I have to get myself an USB...
  10. Damrod

    Drivers for No-Name Remote Control?

    Ok, so I got this no-name Remote Control from my parents, who got it with their PC a while back and do not use it. It's a combination of a RC and a USB reciever. So far I had no luck getting it to work with my G4 though. Has anybody an idea what I could try? So far I checked if drivers for...
  11. Damrod

    iMac died. Ideas?

    So, I wanted to reactivate my old bondi-blue iMac to become a HD recorder for my bands rehersal room. I had it running earlier this week to see if the OS is clean etc. Now I wanted to transfer some music from my G4 to the iMac, turned it on, and during the OS X progress bar, it just died. No...
  12. Damrod

    Shameless advertising Just wanted to bring that to the attention of the mods/admins :)
  13. Damrod

    DVD authoring: Burning iDVD images on Windows?

    Ok, this is my 'problem': I want to make a DVD from a concert I played with my band and a friend recorded. I have iDVD and iMovie, but no drive to burn DVDs in my G4. My parents have a DVD writer in their Windows PC, but no application like iDVD/iMovie. So, is there a way to burn the iDVD...
  14. Damrod

    Single G5 Firmware Update

    Thought I'd share this: Apple released a firmware update for the single CPU G5, to improve reliability of the system. This may the long awaited fix for all those folks suffering from the G5 crashing etc. I can not say how good it actual works, as I don't have a G5 myself. The update is...
  15. Damrod

    8x AGP graphics cards not backwards compatible?

    I wondered... all the new cards from ATI state as requirement "Power Mac G5" (the X800 for exmple), but I wondered why? Isn't AGP basically backwards compatible so that an AGP 8x card can work in an AGP 4x slot?
  16. Damrod

    What 'high end' graphics card as replacement in G4 MDD?

    I'm a bit confused. I'm looking for a possible replacement for my RADEON 9000 AGP graphics card. I want to aim for a card with at least 128MB ram, as I have 64 MB now. But everywher I look, I basically just stumble across ATI and nVidia cards that are labeled "G5 only". So, has anybody either...
  17. Damrod

    PowerMac G4 MDD temperature problem

    Ok, so I get the feeling I have a temperature probelm with my G4. When I do something CPU/graphics intensive (one example would be games like UT2k4) and the temperature raises inside the case, the machine freezes. Using Tempreature Monitor to monitor the CPU tempreature, I discovered that this...
  18. Damrod

    Now that is late: Halo Demo

    Wow, is that late or what? More than 1 and a half years after Halo was released for the Mac, MacSoft released a Demo for it this week. Wouldn't that make more sense when a game is newly released rather then when it's already a while on the market and rather... old?
  19. Damrod

    'Converting' Halo from one language to another?

    I have a question: So, I'm thinking about hetting Halo for my Mac, but here I can only get the german version of the game. I test played it at a friends house, and did not like the synch work at all. My brother has the english version of the game for the PC, and I like the voice work much...
  20. Damrod

    Best OS X version for iMac G3/233MHz?

    Ok, so I have to turn in my G4 for Hardware replacement, as it seems the graphics card is damaged. As it is still in the service period, I have to bring it to the vendor where I bought it. But as I don't want to sit without any E-Mail or Internet, as well iTunes possibilitys, I will reactivate...