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  1. gduncan

    Am I Nuts? Or Does Anybody Else Do This?

    I use my iPhone to get around. GPS is wonderful and anytime I'm on the road my iPhone is on the dashboard guiding me along. I quickly dispensed with my Garmin Nuvi as I found the iPhone to be superior for navigation. I originally used the Apple Maps app exclusively. I had no compelling reason...
  2. gduncan

    Sound problems on iPhone 5

    My iPhone 5 has mysteriously stopped playing alert tones for e-mails and texts. Also, no sounds for key clicks and the lock sounds for locking and unlocking the lock screen. All other sounds seem to work fine. Playing music and podcasts seem normal and the ringer works when receiving a call...
  3. gduncan

    Problems with iTunes 11

    OK, maybe I'm an idiot...but I cant seem to figure out how to import media into the new iTunes 11. I've imported audio and video from CD, DVD and also from files already on my hard drive and for some reason they will not show up in the library. Some of them showed up later, mysteriously...
  4. gduncan

    AppleTV, AppleTV 3 and Handbrake

    I have an original AppleTV in the living room and I'm considering getting a new AppleTV 3 for the bedroom. I've converted a large portion of my DVD collection for the AppleTV with Handbrake using the AppleTV preset and they work fine. I notice that there are also presets for AppleTV 2 and...
  5. gduncan

    camera flash problem

    This afternoon I was snapping some photos with my iPhone 5 here in the house requiring flash. Problem is, when I pressed the shutter button the flash would flash then the the shutter would snap. As a result I got 3 photos that were completely too dark and unusable. Not sure why the flash and...
  6. gduncan

    Migrating 2 user folders to new iMacs

    My wife and I currently share a Mac Mini and we're looking to get 2 new iMacs. How do I move my user folder to one iMac and hers onto the other?
  7. gduncan

    iPad Photos app

    Am I crazy, or is there a feature missing from the iPad Photos app that was there before the iOS 5 update? I seem to remember the ability to rotate photos in the Photos app on my iPad before the iOS 5 update, and now that feature seems to be missing. Did I miss something? Or, am I imagining...
  8. gduncan

    Cannot edit signature

    The User CP is not allowing me to edit my signature. I can edit my location, occupation, biography,etc. but not signature. Am I missing something?
  9. gduncan

    iCloud Photo Stream/MobileMe Gallery

    I'm posting this just to see if there is anyone else out there that feels the way I do about this subject. I really do like the way the new Photo Stream in iCloud works so that when I snap a photo with my iPhone or upload photos from my Nikon to my iPad that they magically appear on both...
  10. gduncan

    Vista/Mac not sharing

    My wife bought a Toshiba laptop with Windows Vista this weekend and I've had a devil of a time getting it to share with my Mac Mini and vice versa. The laptop connects with the Airport express and gets access to the internet. I'm typing this post from the laptop, in fact. The Mac and the...
  11. gduncan

    Cannot connect to iTunes music store

    My wife and I both have accounts in the iTunes music store but we are not able to log into either account. When we try we are presented with an alert box letting us know that iTunes cannot access the Keychain. The exact wording...
  12. gduncan

    Parallels and Bluetooth

    I'm currently using a PowerBook G4 but plan to updgrade soon to a MacBook. I currently use Virtual PC for a few Windows apps I use which are not available for Mac. My question is...does Parallels access to the MacBook's AirPort and Bluetooth? I'm interested in purchasing Delorme's Street...
  13. gduncan

    Need help compiling source code

    I'm not quite up to speed on the UNIX side of Mac OS X, but I'm trying to learn. Honestly, it often throws me for a loop! Here is my dilemma: I'm trying to compile source code for programs that track earth-orbiting satellites. The software in question is Predict and gsat. Here is the link...
  14. gduncan

    Anybody know where I can find this?

    Months ago, i stumbled upon a web site that compared the security vulnerabilities of various operating systems. The site listed in a table/bar chart the number of attacks, viruses and trojan horses of each flavor of Windows, several Linux distributions, UNIX, Novell NetWare, Mac OS X and the...
  15. gduncan

    Virtual PC 6 and Red Hat Linux 9

    Anybody had success installing Red Hat Linux 9 in Virtual PC 6? I downloaded the install images from the Red Hat website and created an empty PC drive file. I configured the new PC for a linux installation, captured the disk images and then booted up the new system. The Red Hat installer...
  16. gduncan

    Image Capture question

    Anybody know how to delete folders listed in the drop down menu in Image Capture? I have several listed that I used to download specific images into for specific purposes. I have since deleted these folders since they are no longer used but they remain listed in the menu although they are...
  17. gduncan

    OS X comfort level

    I'm back after a long absence. The last time I visited here I was running OS X beta or 10.0. Either way, I was not ready to commit to OS X at that time due to a lack of vital software that ran natively (mostly Adobe apps). What's the point of running OS X if most of the apps you use run in...
  18. gduncan

    Software Question: Is there an OS X font editor available?

    Is anybody aware of a font editor available for OS X? I've used Macromedia's Fontographer under previous Mac OS's (7 thru 9) but would like to be able to use a native font editor rather than resort to running one in Classic mode or having to boot up into OS 9. Apparently, Macromedia is not...
  19. gduncan

    Burning Questions

    Question about fonts: Under Mac OS 9 I had access to thousands of fonts stored in a folder outside of my System Folder on another hard drive. I used ATM Deluxe to temporarily access those fonts by turning them on and off at will. Will I have any such control with the Fonts Panel in OS X...
  20. gduncan

    screen shot Here is a screen shot from my Blue G3. (1600x1200) The open apps are AOL Instant Messenger, Clock, Hotline Client 1.8.5, Hotline Server 1.8.5, Internet Explorer, iTunes, QuickTime Player and Stickies. About my Blue G3: 450 MHz, 384 MB...