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    plist settings?

    I understand that I can edit via the file in the ~/Library I tried to open the file but can't find any way to... How can I open these files?
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    bad booting...

    I've been holding another discussion in a different post as to how to get out of X into 9... I've tried EVERYTHING, believe me. I now know (I think) how to solve the problem... I can finally put a 9 CD in my iBook.. it won't show up if I hold option on boot for some reason, but I can change...
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    Can't boot out of system

    I'm running a Graphite iBook SE with Mac OS 9.04 and OS X on the same disk. When holding option on startup, the boot screen only recognizes the OS X system. When I try to open the StartupDisk System Preference, System Preference crashes. So I have no way of booting back into OS 9. Trying...
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    No tools work

    I just downloaded 70MB of Apple developer tools for Mac OS X off of I open Developer.pkg and the opens. I enter my admin password and go through the steps. Finally, when I click Install, it says "Couldn't write bom to path" And nothing will ever install...