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    deleting one instance of a file in Time Machine

    I know it is possible to delete all copies of a file backed up to Time Machine in Leopard. Is it possible to back up only one instance of a file backup up to TM? I am using TM to backup my VMWare Fusion disk (about 13GB) and it takes up a lot of space and I don't need all those copies...
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    login items won't "stick" across restarts

    I'm an experienced OS X'er with an unusual problem... Starting about a month ago, most (but not all!) items added to "login items" in the Accounts Pref Pane don't get preserved across restarts or logout/login. I can add an app without a problem, and after closing and reopening System...
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    Disk Utility Crash Under 10.4.1

    I'm having an ongoing problem with Disk Utility crashing under 10.4.1. After an initial restart, Disk Utility functions correctly. When, after some hours, I attempt to access Disk Utility, I get the splash screen and then the spinning beachball. Force quit does not work (DU disappears from...
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    Copy of Tiger install DVD won't boot

    I made a backup of my Tiger install DVD--I have always made a copy of the install CD's and used those rather than the original. The copy will not boot. In fact, it won't even mount. I'm using disk utility to create a CD/DVD master and then burning from it. I haven't heard that the install...
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    OS X install DVD takes forever to boot

    I made a copy of the DVD install disk for backup purposes, using my built in combo drive (G4/MDD) as the "source" drive an a new external firewire Pioneer DVR-109 as the "target" disk. The burn completed flawlessly. If I put the new disk in the DVR-109 that made it, it mounts immediately...