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    Combo Drive Won't Recognize Blank Cd-rs

    Have you heard of an issue with the combo drives not regognizing blank CD-Rs? I have a 700 mhz eMac. I'm at an advanced technical level. I am using CDs from the same 100 pack that were working before. I even tried another brand as well as restarting my machine with a disk in the drive...
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    G4 Superdrive Won't Detect Discs

    Hey, I figured out a solution! My business partner brought me some TDK CD-Rs and they worked just fine in my machine. I had tried several other brands which did not work. I know some of the disks that didn't work were by Imation (these disks used to work in my machine, I used at least 50 or 60...
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    G4 Superdrive Won't Detect Discs

    I installed Toast and it would not recognize a disk at first. After a few attempts it did, but about ten seconds into the burning progess it says there is a hardware error and ejects the disk. I guess I have a defective combo drive. It still plays CDs and DVDs, but won't write. If anyone has...
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    G4 Superdrive Won't Detect Discs

    I've had this same problem for a while. I have a 700 mhz eMac with the combo drive. It used to burn cds just fine but at some point it stopped recognizing the disks (same pack of disks). It might have been when I went to 10.3 that I first had the problem, but I;m not sure. I checked my...