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    Turn off iPod?

    I read that you can turn off your iPod by holding the pause button down for a few seconds. This does not turn my iPod nano off. So, I just poke each of the buttons over and over until the screen turns off. But, I don't think it turns off then either, because I usually find the iPod battery dead...
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    Close safari?

    The user guide says that you can close an application by clicking the home icon (they then have a square following that, in line with the text). There is an icon in the safari toolbar that looks like overlapping squares, but it does not close safari. What must I do?
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    group songs by album?

    Okay, I've had this ipod thingy for years now. It can't be that other people have the same trouble I do. So, help? If I import songs and then drag them onto my ipod, the result is a jumble of songs sorted by song title. Is there a way to have them grouped by artist/album/track number instead?
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    email client suggestions

    With Mail stuck in a loop which I haven't figured out yet how to break out of, I will need to have an email client this next week when I travel. I can install one of the clients I use on linux. But I'm interested in other suggestions. I need an email client that works with IMAP that doesn't...
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    Exporting mail from

    Mail is stuck in a loop. I think it's trying to copy email to the Trash on my imap server and it times out, then it tries again and again and again and finally crashes and I get the option to quit or relaunch or reset and relaunch. Trying all of those after it starts again, the same thing...
  6. C stuck talking to imap server appears to be stuck in a loop talking to my imap server running on linux. In the activity window, it shows "Copying message" and "synchronizing with server". Then it presents a prompt saying the connection timed out and it tries again, a few times, then crashes. If I start it...
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    peculiar google ad

    Is it a coincidence that I keep seeing a google ad here for Chinese girls looking for a date... because my user name resembles the name Kowloon? I haven't been searching for Chinese girls on google incidentally...
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    spinning beachball after leopard system update

    I ran system update on leopard and installed an itunes and quicktime update and now when I boot, it logs in, displays my desktop wallpaper with no icons and the spinning busy mouse cursor icon and nothing else. I've rebooted and let it sit for 3 hours. What can I do?
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    trackpad fun with no sidetrack under leopard

    I think it was sidetrack that fixed the problem I had a long time again where I keep touching the trackpad while typing and cause the cursor to do semi-random things. Now, with sidetrack not working under leopard I'm doing that again. I actually use a mouse, and I have ignore trackpad...
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    If you are installing Leopard and you are Sybil

    or Carrie, and your mother has you locked in the closet, be warned that you can't turn down the music that plays when it first starts up, so your mother will hear.
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    restore disk image to larget disk?

    I'm in the middle of creating a disk image of my drive using disk utility (after booting from the leopard install disk), and storing the disk image onto an external drive. Is it going to work to restore the image onto a larger drive? I mean, I will replace my internal hard drive, boot from...
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    powerbook, removing orange ribbon cable?

    I'm trying to replace my harddrive using these instructions: It says to remove the ribbon cable. But, I don't see how... pull up or out? I don't see anything that looks like a jack that the ends are...
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    G4 laptop goes "Cluck cluck"

    Every now and then (once every 3 months or so) my laptop makes a "Cluck cluck" noise, which is then followed by either the computer freezing for 30 seconds or so, or it completely freezes and then has boot problems. Do you recognize this? I picture the noise coming from an arm of the hard...
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    Waa! my hard drive is dead

    My G4 powerbook made strange clucking noises and froze, so I rebooted and I get the crossed out symbol instead of the apple symbol. More recently I just get a grey background with no symbol at all. Booting from the tiger DVD and holding down 'c', in disk utility I see no hard drive, only the...
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    Copy music TO ipod without itunes?

    I have music in my computer and I have my friend here with her ipod. I would like to put my music on her ipod. But, iTunes appears to only give me the option to delete the contents of her ipod and sync it with my iTunes money funnel. I've seen many programs for partially bypassing the ipod...
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    Finder shows files in icon view, not in others

    If I navigate to one particular folder on my harddisk, using finder, the files and folders show up in icon view, or if I expand the folder from it's parent folder in list view, but the they don't show up if I open the folder directly in column or list view. What'll I do? Oh I should point out...
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    pocket pc programming under virtual pc

    I wanna write some stuff for a pocket pc, but the SDK requires you to use genuine spyware. Do you know if genuine spyware will run under virtual pc, so I can have an isolated spyware infested virtual pc on my G4 mac in order to write a program for a pocket pc? Or, will a pocket pc SDK work under...
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    power book power adapter failing

    Have you experienced problems getting your power adapter to work? I have a G4 with the white plastic adapter with the interchangable plugs. It seems to be the end the plugs into the wall that is having problems, so maybe it's a problem in the interchangable part. It now has to lean a certain...
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    iTrip and ipod model

    I bought someone a 40GB ipod a while back, and now I've bought them an iTrip thing. Now I'm worried the iTrip might not support the model of ipod. On the griffentechnology web page, they list the models of ipod by terms that mean nothing to me. For example, they say the iTrip(2) supports 3rd...
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    any problems with airport 4.2 update?

    Any problems with airport 4.2 update?