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    Kern Protection Failure With Fcp And Tiger

    I've got Final Cut Pro 3 trying to run on Tiger on my power-mac G4 agp "sawtooth"?. It just wont happen. I've put in more RAM 640 megs total, and it's still crapping out. Help! I need this to work so that I can keep my job. I saw a similar post, but their solution was to reset the PRAM...
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    Help Me Please: Final Cut Pro Keeps Quiting

    I just got myself a used powerPC g4 400MHz, and I upgraded it to OS 10.4 Tiger, with more RAM (512 total), and then installed Final cut pro 3. And it opens up fine, but when I start doing stuff, it just quits. I'll try and zoom into the timeline, or zoom out, and it quits. I've turned off the...