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    Delete Apps From Iphone 5 History

    Im trying to completely delete apps that i got free or purchased on my iPhone..I no longer use them..Plus these are going on my husbands iPhone and he has no need fro them how do i get rid of the apps we don't want… I have a iMac OS X version 10.7.5…I don't use iCloud ..but my husband...
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    Msn Issues

    I have a Mac computer…Mac OS X Version 10.7.5..i use safari as my browser..version 6.1.6 and i don't show that i have any updates..My MSN problem is its telling me my browser needs to be updated…Ive had MSN up on my tool bar and have been able to just click on it with no problem..Is there...
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    sending a pic in a text

    I'm trying to send a pic in a text..and i get a Not Delivered..I have a iPhone 5 and the person I'm trying to send a pic to has a different phone..So what am i not doing..or not doing right ?..Thanks for any help..
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    OS X Maverick Update ?

    I have a iPhone 5 and updated it because of the security issue…I have to get used to a lot of the different features that i don't like… But my question is…What changes will i have if i download my Mac..and i have seen where some people are saying don't use safari until i have updated my...
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    Cant print PDF File

    Im trying to print a PDF File that was sent to my email… I have Mac OS X Version 10.7.5.. and i have a HP Photosmart 110.. I have printed before but not a PDF File… So what am i doing wrong?… I checked and yes i have ink and paper in the printer.. Any help would be appreciated… Thank you...
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    Free Anti Virus Software

    I was using Free Avast Anti Virus but I'm not sure if its the best one, so I'm hoping someone can let me know of a better one.. I have a Mac OS X Version 10.7.5…Any help will be appreciated.. Thank You
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    How to text using just my phone number showing and not my name.. I have a iPhone 4s
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    Apple Security fix... Feb 20th 2013...... Help!!!!!

    I just read an article about ..Apple Java Update and that Mac Owners should download an update for Mac Computers?..1st is it true?.. 2nd how and where do i get the download.. and is it free?...I just dont know if its a scam or if its true..And what do i do about Java... right now i have it as...
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    I'm sorry if i'm in the wrong forum... All of my photos are on my desktop/screen saver.. how do i take a picture and put it on a email... can i drag it to my desk top?... i know this is probably a different problem..but i don't know how else to ask it...i don't want to take a picture from my...
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    Medical Dictionary

    This may not be the right place for my question..but i didnt know which forum to go to I need a free Medical Dictionary for my Mac..OS X..10.7.5...I hope someone can help me? and if i'm in the wrong forum..i'm really sorry... Thanks for any help
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    Free Anti-Virus Software

    Is there any free anti-virus software for my mac computer?...Mac OS X 10.7.5 I dont want to have to get rid of java because of security problems... so i thought if i had anti-virus software it would help any problems...Or if anyone knows something else i can use in place of java? i unchecked...
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    Apple drops Java

    There is a article in the Huff Post Tech... about a problem with Java after experts warn Mac users on its Security.. My question is ... do i get rid of java? there a real security problem?..And will i have a problem getting into certain websites without using java? Thank you for any...
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    Bluetooth not connecting

    I have a iphone4 and have been able to use my bluetooth in my car... but a few days ago it wasnt working right now i keep getting a message...devices..and under that it says... searching.. and under that its saying..Now Discoverable and the little spinner keeps spinning...if i turn off...
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    Downloading iOS 6

    HI... I have a iMac OS X Lion.... and i have a iphone4s...there is the new download iOS 6 but i have been reading that there are a lot of problems after downloading it on the iphone4 I dont use iCloud ..i just don't like using i have to use iCloud to use the new download? and some of...
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    how to zoom in while I'm using my iPhone 4s

    i'm trying to find out if and how to zoom in while i'm taking a video on my iPhone 4S.... i can do it for still pictures... so my question is... can you zoom in while taking videos and if so how do you do that?... do i need a special app for my iPhone?... as always thank for any help.. cleo
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    how do i delete ping on my iTunes?... it won't let me add a song to my play list plus i just don't want it i never wanted ping... so how do i get rid of it for good? i have a Mac OS X Version 10.7.3.... my iTunes is 10... 10.6 (40) any help would be appreciated.... i already had to re...
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    adobe Flash Player

    i have a OS X Mac.. Version 10.7.3... i downloaded Flash player but when i try to open it it says Adobe cannot be installed... that a newer version has been installed on this system?... it says Adobe Flash player 11 installer... All i know is i downloaded it at least 3 times and goes up to...
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    Adobe Flash Player

    I have a Mac Computer...OS X..Version 10.7.3...and I'm trying to install the Adobe Flash Player...I thought i downloaded but it says..A new version of the software is already installed on this system?...Can any one please help me with my problem... i have the red Flash icon... but when i...
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    delete iCloud from 1 device

    I have a Mac OS X 10.7.2.My question's.. i gave my 3g iPhone to my Husband and i have the 4s iPhone .. but he doesn't want everything being put on his iPhone Like all of my bookmarks ..apps..we have the same account on the 2 iphones and the same email address...Can my Husband turn his iCloud...
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    changing browser's

    i have a MAC OS X 10.7.2... And i have safari now as my browser but i want to try another one... first... if i don't like the other one i try will my safari still be on my computer?..or do i have to re install it?.. Second... what is the best one to try?... i know there are a few but maybe...