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    Apple Store is down

    for what it's worth.
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    Apple Store down (nmi)

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    New Shuffle

    I dunno, on the refurb page I can get a Nano fatty at the same price point...but it is tiny!
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    Apple Store is down. What up???

    Any guesses?
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    lookupd never stops, well, looking up

    I recently upgraded to an iMac G5 (1 gig RAM) and have noticed at random times that my Activity Monitor peggs out my CPU% usage. There seems to be no predictable pattern as to why this happens or what I am asking of the machine for this root process to engage. What's worse, lookupd does not...
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    1 Gig Stick versus 2 x 512mb RAM upgrade?

    I just upgraded my iMac G4 to the recently outdated iMac G5. As you know, it comes standard with 256 RAM and one empty slot. Which would offer better performance, throwing in a 1 Gig stick for 1.25 total RAM or replacing the stock RAM with a matched pair of 512? I think I recall reading...
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    iPhoto 5 and .Mac Homepage

    I'm suprised to not find more mention here, but is anyone else having problems with iPhoto 5.0.1 and .Mac Homepage upload? When I try (never a problem in pre-5 iPhoto), I get the message "updating themes" for about 10 minutes, then the process quits with the message that the attempt had timed...
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    Equivalent website for the ipod?

    Looking for a comparable board for all matters iPod. Or maybe somebody here as experienced similar: I have a 13 month old Generation 3 iPod that has developed a "split" along the right side. The silver has separated from the white. Wide enough to slip a a playing card inside. I'm 13...
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    Sites for leaving internet sales feedback?

    What are the better sites for leaving negative feedback regarding on-line stores and/or experiences? Thanks in advance, Lee
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    Favorite iTunes Playlist printer?

    I've found several apps at for programs that will run "reports" or generate printable playlists from iTunes, but was wondering if anyone has a "favorite"? Trying to save time trying them all. Thanks!
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    .Mac, Homepage, and Java update problem?

    Hey, I just stumbled across a problem and was wondering if anyone else has noticed it. I'm running 10.3.2 on both an iMac and an iBook. I have updated to Java 1.4.2 on the iMac BUT NOT the iBook. Anyway, today I tried uploading some new pics from iPhoto to my .Mac account and try as I...
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    Help with draft printing on HP in 10.3

    I've had an HP PSC 750 printer with scanner for several years. Worked fine in OS9, and 10.2. To save ink and speed printing time, I normally print in "draft" mode, and even set up a special setting with HP's built in software. Ever since my conversion to 10.3.2, I can't seem to print in...
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    URL forwarding

    Hey, I'm hosting a webpage on my .mac account, but I want a spiffy URL rather than the typical This is for an upcoming special event, and only for 6 months, and I have no desire for the URL beyond that. Anybody have any recommendations for...
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    changing the name of SanDisk USB drives

    Hey, I'm sure that I've just overlooked something, but I don't seem to be able to change the name of my SanDisk compactflash card (when used in a USB reader), and now, my SanDisk Cruzer flash memory drive. I'm utilizing 10.2.8, and have verified and repaired permissions. Both "drives" work...