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    Window Live user complains my mail font is too small

    I use Apple Mail to email RTF messages. I have it set to Helvetica size 14. A Windows Live user complains that my typeface comes out too small. Would you kindly tell me if I need to switch something to make my mail more compatible with Windows Live? I've already increased the default font to...
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    Downgrading Lion Address Book Bad Idea?

    Hi! I can't stand Lion's Address Book. Would bad things happen to me if I replaced it (delete it) with Snow Leopard's Address Book? E.g. file format changes or just bad idea? Thanks!
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    Workarounds for Dismal Address Book in Lion?

    I am not alone in finding the Lion Address Book a step backwards. Among other problems, one can no longer view Groups, Contacts, and Individual Contact (3 pane) at the same time. One can no longer return to the classic view in the Debug Menu. Can anyone suggest a work-around? Is copying the...
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    Audiobook chapters out of sequence

    Hi! I have synced 30 audiobook chapters to my iPod Touch. They are out of order on the iPod Touch but in the correct order in iTunes (Books). Can some kind soul tell me how to get them in order on my iPod Touch so they can play in sequence? Thanks!
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    Does ANYONE recommend FileVault?

    Has anyone successfully used FileVault for encrypting files in one's User folders? Am I better off with TrueCrypt/Espinage/Knox? Thanks.
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    Get Safari 5.0.1 for Extensions

    Has anyone noticed that this version is significantly faster than version 4 or webkit nightlies or is it just my imagination. Sunspider reports 390 while other versions were in the high 400s. It seems perkier than even Chrome 6.
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    Re-purposing old computer as a second monitor

    Would some kind soul tell me the name of the shareware program that allows one to use an old mac as a second monitor for a new one? I believe it involves setting up a VPN between the two computers and then using this shareware program. I thought the program was called Screen Extender but...
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    Transplanting an Old MacBook Pro HD into a new one

    I want to take my old MacBook Pro 2008 15 inch drive (340 GB 7400 rpm) and immediately transplant it it into my new MacBook Pro 13 inch. So I am going from an MBP 15 inch (circa 2008) to a new MacBook Pro 13 inch 2010. Both are running the same version of OS X. Is there a problem with this? Do I...
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    Booting SD Card increase performance?

    I know that the SD Card for the MacBook Pro can be used for emergency startup but can regularly booting up off the SD Card (8 GB, Leopard installed) increase speed of applications and battery life? Thanks for any advice.
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    No more fullscreen mode for PBS Flash videos

    Fullscreen mode in Flash on no more. Can someone suggest how I can get fullscreen mode to watch flash videos on Since updating to Flash 10.1 and OS X update, the box has dispeared. Is it because my MacBook Pro is too slow?
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    Things v. OmniFocus v. The Hit List

    Do Mac OS x comers have any preference for any of these GTD apps? The Hit List DOES seem to sync with the iPhone if you use a third party app but it is pricey. OmniFocus seems clumsy and ugly. Things apparently does not do sub-projects. Any advice appreciated!
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    What security steps do you take?

    I was curious what steps home users (or home office mac users) take to protect their macs and data. I've started using OpenDNS, 1Password, passwords with screensavers, firewall, etc. Do any home users use FireVault or VPN or whole disk encription? Thanks for any ideas of things I might consider!
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    Benchmarking Chrome & Webkit Mac OSX

    Understood. Thanks for the good explanation.
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    Benchmarking Chrome & Webkit Mac OSX

    I am quite enjoying using the latest version of Google Chrome for Mac OS X (note: I am not referring to Chromium). I normally use the latest beta of Webkit. Both seem to pass the Acid 3 test. For SunSpider I get very different results for each browser. For example; for Chrome 4.... I get 723 and...
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    Core2Duo does not = 64 bit Snow Leopard

    Okay, this is what I understand. The Core 2 Duo "can" run 64 bit apps in Snow Leopard but you have to hold down the 6 and 4 key during boot-up. I hope someone will come up with an app to avoid this...
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    Core2Duo does not = 64 bit Snow Leopard

    I heard that my Core2Duo MacBook Pro will not run Snow Leopard in 64 bit mode. Is this true?
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    Safari 3.2.1 can't view PDFs

    I am using Safari 3.2.1 and can't view PDFs. I have removed all AdobePDFviewer plug-ins. Must I install Adobe to view PDFs in Safari? Can I get PDFs to automatically open in Preview? Thanks!
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    Changing Order of Address Book Fields?

    I've consulted Help but could not find the answer to this... Is it possible to change the order of the fields in the Address Book? E.g. using the Template? Thanks.
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    Zeroing hard drive enough for resale?

    I will be sending in my 80 GB hard drive to OWC/macsales for a small rebate. I erased it using Disk Utility and the zeroing option for secure erase (took about 45 minutes). Is this sufficient for wiping a hard drive or would you advise using stronger measures? Or would you advise simply trashing...
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    Old MacBook Pro Accelerated

    I thought a few people with old MacBook Pro (2.16) Core Duo 2 might be interested in this... I did not want to replace my computer but got a faster drive and more memory. I replaced the 5400 rpm 120 GB drive with a 300+ 7200 rpm drive. And I replaced my 1.5 GB of RAM with two matched 2 GB...