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    FTP login after 9-7 security update

    I did the security update on one of my computers and did some minor testing on it and then did it to the rest of my machines. well apparently FTP is one test i did not do because i cannot login to any of my computers after the update. I am using the /etc/ftpchroot file to keep the users in...
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    New feel is restrictive

    I like the new look of the site. it is smooth looking, but i usually use a large screen res to get rid of scroll bars and I really dont like that the webpage has a defined width and does not resize to my screen size. I have noticed a few things that also do not fit in the defined width also...
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    Thermal printers

    I use Kodak Professional Thermal printers quite often and am wondering if anyone else does and has any OS X solutions for them since the drivers are all classic drivers? I use a large variety of the models, but mainly the 8650PS(postscript) and the 8660 and the 8670. All of them are networked so...
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    Installed Darwin and have 2 questions

    I installed Darwin from apple's website and the install went ok, but i am having a wee bit of troubles and a couple questions. 1.) I cannot get X Windows to run even though it looks like it is installed. I have tried to enter startx initx and any other variant I could think of with and...
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    right click not working

    Ok here it is. I have finally after a ton of headache and dedication, I have finally been able to isntall X on my non-supported 8500 with a processor card. it is working great with a few exceptions that i have been able to work through, except this one. I have four computers that you can see...
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    net info

    OK here it is. I hear people speaking about netinfo all the time and i have opened it and it does not seem like something that i would use. maybe it is because i dont know how to read the info. can someone please explain to me either how to use it or why you would want too? jeffo