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    Hey Mr.CaCa... what part of SAT do you live in?? im over here by rolling oaks mall

    Hey Mr.CaCa... what part of SAT do you live in?? im over here by rolling oaks mall
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    Drive Error

    media error try a new disc
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    Cube For Sale $550 obo

    That is a bit pricey... you may want to revise your price, i sold one on ebay and it went quick for 350.00
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    Apple-Event the 28th

    yes.. thats it march comes before april.. how silly of me...LOL
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    Launchd info

    when i do single user mode, one of the items that appreas is this phrase: launchd:server284f in bootstrap 1103 uid0 "/usr/sbin/lookupd"[242] exited abnormally : hangup Is this normal for the OS to hangup? i looked around apple support for more info, but did not find anything.
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    Two Macs One Hard Drive??

    ethernet HDD option is what i took.. works great over a wifi network too.
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    Built In Camera's

    I second that fryke.. with so many other companys making them.. apple needs to stay away.
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    Apple Keynotes

    even if you have pro.. if they are meant for streaming that is all you will can save the stream and have it load that way. "Snapz Pro X 2.0.2" will record the stream and save as QT.
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    Printing From Osx 10.3

    "When printing from my mac white areas always print as a very pale blue! " can you explain alittle more about your question??? not understanding white area
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    Convert from Div to DVD, or avi, or vcd, or svcd, or mpeg

    there is a app. called avid<> does the same thing as imovie but has commercial properties
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    10.4.2 is out now.

    I did it and now i am deaf...LOL
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    video capturing prob

    what about on the CD or DVD that came w/ the camera..any app's on it to download movies
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    Can a computer be over-worked?

    Also upgrading your memory will help out..256 is not really enough for the OS itself. If you can take it to 512M-1Gig you will be better off. the macmini was not designed to be your work horse.. it is like the performa series apple came out w/ back in the 90's.. check email surf the web...
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    More than 3 minutes to boot Panther?!

    I have to second that... 10.3 is slower@ the booting time.. also try resetting your vram and look into your startup item, located in your accounts pref.delete all and see waht that does for your startup time..
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    Problem running software update

    I was having the same problem under 10.4, my error was (-1002) and it seem to fix itself after the latest security update...I contacted apple about it and they were clueless to the problem???
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    Mac OS 9 as Burger King Game Machine

    I would be interested my self on what was being
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    Please don't call it a Macintosh

    from what i read on the web.. the "rosetta" bench marks are not very good-60-70, my old G4 500 does 80...LOL hoping that apple can cut the mustard on this project... ""over and out""
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    And I thought I have heard and seen everything . . .

    make enough for "TWO"... ;) :rolleyes:
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    [FAQ]Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger" Installation

    I have done it both ways.. and have seen no real change in the operation os the OS...
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    Pagemaker 7 and Tiger

    I had the same problem.. upgraded to indesign-pagemaker addition, it will open the pagemaker files in indesign and convert them back to pagemaker files.